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Nightwave Season 3 End Date & Upcoming Intermission

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Ty for the information!

7 minutes ago, [DE]CoreyOnline said:

We accomplish this by giving a 50 Credit reward instead of a previously owned item. This does not apply to items such as Warframe Slots, or consumable items (such as Forma), but rather for owned, unique items such as previous Nightwave Cosmetics.

This is a very nice idea! - thanks again :
Can't wait for what comes next~ *mysterious gestures*
(As much as I like the intermissions, so players have the chance to get some of the older nightwave-rewards,  I hope that the duration of the next one is...well...a little bit different compared to the last nightwave-intermission 😅)

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Hopefully you guys include everything from nightwave series 1 &2 In upcoming intermission for those like me who started in July 2020 or shortly after nightwave intermission ended..


I really want that Eledlon Emphera from series 1 & the wolf armor...

I don't mind if I have to grind to level 60 to obtain everything from series 1 & 2 Atleast it will give me an incentive to grind to 60+! 

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Please don't forget the alt helmets for Gauss, Grendel and Xaku. Gauss and Grendel's alt helmets have not been in the shop for the entire duration of this Nightwave, and Xaku's alt helmet has also not been added since their release.

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it'd be nice to know what the path to Nihil's boss battle will be by the end. I found it quite enjoyable as a conclusion for the Series 3 investigation and its clues. I hope it will remain available to play through

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10 minutes ago, [DE]CoreyOnline said:

this time with some new Challenges,

You had my curiosity with this one.

11 minutes ago, [DE]CoreyOnline said:

Nightwave will be undergoing some construction while Intermission 3 runs.

But now you have my attention.

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16 minutes ago, [DE]CoreyOnline said:

a way for it to still be rewarding for returning Dreamers! We accomplish this by giving a 50 Credit reward

Rewarding...50 credit....am I missing something here?

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17 minutes ago, [DE]CoreyOnline said:

When Nightwave Series 3 has concluded, there will be a small pause

you're trying to convince us, or yourselves? :P

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Please put alt helmets for warframes like Protea, Gauss, and Grendel in the credit offerings some time before this series ends. Those helmets haven't been available for multiple months now.

EDIT: Oh, and thank you so much for the duplicate protection! Now I can really look forward to the intermission rewards.

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