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Update: Nightwave Season 3 End Date & Intermission Details

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I never liked the Glassmaker ''crime scenes''. First person was too slow, I wasn't interested on the story and I procrastinated for months.

I came to know it would end yesterday, so I did all the 5 tasks yesterday. I even had a Mario 64 kinda of boss fight in the end.

I must admit it was kinda... thrilling... to run against time.

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  • [DE]CoreyOnline changed the title to Update: Nightwave Season 3 End Date & Intermission Details
On 2021-01-06 at 2:13 PM, RazerXPrime said:

What happens to my current crystal creds and the NW store?

You’ve probably had this answered before but, when a Nightwave season ends, the Nightwave Cred becomes a stack of trinkets in your inventory that you can sell for base credits (to use in the ship’s market or anywhere else credits are used)

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On 2021-01-23 at 2:39 PM, master_of_destiny said:

I can't tell if this is sarcasm, or if you're being serious.


Let me elaborate.  Do you play this game on Steam?  Well, if you do then you might have rubedo skins.  That isn't a failure to type, it was a single limited time Steam event that gave out skins.  You can check the Steam marketplace if you don't believe I'm on the level here.


Likewise Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles have specific skins that are only accessible to them....and were also limited time events.


Moving on from platform exclusivity, let's talk about the market exclusivity.  Yes, market.  There's a relatively unique build specifically for china....with exclusive items.


Going back to events, let's look at that.  If you download on the Epic store you can get unique Unreal Tournament style skins.  That not good enough?  There's specific cosmetics for the Mixer, Twitch, and other partner cross-promotion events.  Yep....don't have access to those.



Let's overlook the content lock from Prime Access....because the pricing there is literally a barrier to entry.  Let's also overlook the normal unvaultings.  What we're left with is literally the genesis of this game; Excalibur, Lato, and Skana Prime.  I'll just stop here, though I'd like to momentarily state that event exclusive cosmetics are abound.




So with all of the above listed, are you being sarcastic?  I cannot tell, but had to ask with framing.  Warframe is a game composed almost entirely of locked cosmetics, with a bit of interconnective game.  If you don't want to believe me, explain the simple bits.  Why are color pallets a paid for item?  Why do color pallets cost almost 4x as much as a warframe slot?  Why is tennogen a thing that cannot be bought with platinum on the PC?  Finally, why is there enough frustration in the community with duplicates that the third intermission required DE to actually address the useless duplicates?


I won't wait for answers, so consider this rhetorical.  My point should be obvious that this is a response to a tailspin of negativity.  It's not new, it's just reached a point of critical mass where DE cannot simply ignore it, or promise the next big thing, like before.  While these are only baby steps....it is at least encouraging.  That said, giving them huge credit is not a rational response.

Well... /s means they’re being sarcastic.

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Good afternoon DE Warframe Staff, I think you could ofer some more substantial rewards 
with higher amounts of points on Nightwave rewards so that players don't lose interest
after completing all 30 reward levels, such as deluxe skins, shapes aura, weapons, rare relics, 
rare mods, etc.

Thank you for de excellent job

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On 2021-01-06 at 1:11 PM, --N-- said:

Please don't forget the alt helmets for Gauss, Grendel and Xaku. Gauss and Grendel's alt helmets have not been in the shop for the entire duration of this Nightwave, and Xaku's alt helmet has also not been added since their release.

Can not up vote this enough 

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As you can see in the secreen shot of  player count there are nearly 40000 players in prime time of Europe timeline, so if this intermission will stay for 90 ranks and for more than 6 months player count will keep reducing itself.

So please let us have another 4 month long nightwave . It will make it endurable for every player and didn't chase away veteran players

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On 2021-01-06 at 11:00 AM, [DE]CoreyOnline said:

Greetings Dreamers!

As you may know, Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker is coming to an end, and today we are announcing that date as January 24th 2021.

Many of you have braved the trials of Nihil, hunted for clues, taking down those affected by his partial retribution, but there is still time to take the final battle to the Glassmaker himself. You have until January 24th to face this dire threat from the past. When Series 3: Glassmaker ends, there will still be a path to earning the Vitrica! Similar to how Wolf Beacons are available on Baro and the Emissary Boss Fight is available in the Star Chart, we will be returning Nihil’s Oubliette and the ability to acquire the Vitrica to those who missed Series 3: Glassmaker.

When Nightwave Series 3 has concluded, there will be a small pause, and then we shall move into another Nightwave Intermission, this time with some new Challenges, a new Resource to earn, and a track to progress through.

Intermission rewards are sometimes a repeat of the previous Nightwave series, and while newer players might delight in getting some of these new items, we wanted to add a way for it to still be rewarding for returning Dreamers! We accomplish this by giving a 50 Nightwave Intermission Credit reward instead of a previously owned item. This does not apply to items such as Warframe Slots, or consumable items (such as Forma), but rather for owned, unique items such as previous Nightwave Cosmetics.

So… what comes next? Nightwave will be undergoing some construction while Intermission 3 runs. Our goal to have a simultaneous release on all Platforms remains the same, and we will be reworking the pace and scope of Nightwave for 2021.

UPDATE: Nightwave Season 3 has officially wrapped up! I'm pleased to say that in addition to the information we shared above about Intermission rewards and duplicate protection, we'll have more news to share about the Intermission during Devstream 151 on Friday, January 29 @ 2 p.m ET.

We'll see you then, Dreamers!  

So to get the notification I had to have been Watching [DE]CoreyOnline,
like I am [DE]Rebecca and [DE]Helen.

I don't know who that is, so no wonder I missed the announcement.

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47 minutes ago, duncsaur said:

Will Gauss and Grendal alt helms finally be added to the credit store helmet rotation properly? I've seen Grendel's once and Gauss' twice since they've been out.

*cries in Xaku*

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