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Strict Nat After Trying Everything...


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Strict NAT detected UPnP malfunctioning. Please forward UDP Ports 3960 and 3962 to isnt my ip adress so im a little confused. I have read all the other posts regarding strict nat and nothing there helped. As it is now i just have UPnP disabled and have manually forwarded the ports and i still get the message about strict nat. Most of my friends i could play with before are now offline even when they are online. Just wanted to make a post in the hopes someone might have a secret solution of awsomeness.


--Praying to hear good news soon

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My ISP changed our modem to a modem/router yesterday and this has been plaguing me since. You're not alone mate.

Spent the whole night raging because my ISP controls the router, so I get very basic access to router features (change SSID, password, really really basic s**t). After trawling through Google I found out that my ISP has their own admin CP (WTF right?).

Fortunately this opened up more advanced and proper router features (port forwarding) so I tried that but was still getting Strict NAT issues.

What's your network setup and any insights etc, we might be having the same issue.

EDIT: Don't give up! You invested more than I have!

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