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Warframe Concept: K'in - The Solar Sorcerer


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Hey there, Tenno.

After being a week behind schedule with this plan due to 'technical failure', I have regained enough details (and sanity) to reproduce my concept for a unique caster Warframe.

Mini Origin Story for concept:

The K'in Warframe was created near the end of the Orokin era to sustain fleeing Orokin live ships against power failure in the event of Sentient attack. K'in warframes were used to sustain the ships with renewable energy and fend of sentient attack simultaneously. It was common for the K'in to sacrifice themselves in the process of evacuation in order to give the rest of the people on board time to escape before consuming the ship in a miniature sun to prevent any Sentients escaping. K'in are rare amongst warframes due to their late introduction and venerable duty. The few that survived were never activated before the end of the Orokin era and make for potent Warframes fueled by their honour-bound nature and the nigh-infinite manipulation of suns and stars themselves.

K'in (derived from the Mayan word for 'sun') is a defense-based caster with a unique system of energy economy that will require a focus on the energy management that is required for the use of his abilities and stats.


Health:------------100 (275)

Power:------------125 (250)


Shields:-----------150 (350)

Shield Regen:---30

Sprint Speed:----0.95

Polarities:---------4x '=' 2x '-'

Aura: --------------'-' (Tactic)


1 - Refraction Beam - (2 Energy per Second)

K'in Redirects solar energy into a condensed beam that causes continuous Solar damage* to the target. This is a continuous use ability that make you stationary until deactivation and will constantly drain 2 energy per second whilst it is active. This ability's effectiveness can be increased by power strength and efficiency for a stronger and more sustainable attack.

Note: Power efficiency mods such as Streamline will not decrease the amount taken bur will instead increase the interval of time until the energy is taken (This is done to avoid inconsistencies with available energy - I did the math that made this balanced enough in the last post attempt, but i cannot begin to recalculate it as of now V_V).

2 - Hardlight Barrier - (50 Energy)

K'in condenses particles of light into a solid state barrier that is capable of blocking incoming damage and damaging enemies that attempt to pass through. This ability is not sustained by duration, but instead uses a damage threshold that increases via upgrading. Enemies attempting to pass through will also be slowed. This ability is not very wide (about the size of an average game doorway) and should be considered for the use of holding choke points over protecting others directly. This ability can be upgraded with power and range mods, increasing its damage threshold and size.

Note: Only one can be deployed at a time.

3 - Flare - (75 Energy)

K'in creates a small sphere of intense light that blinds and stuns all enemies within it radius upon activation, additional enemies that enter the radius of the ability are slowed and have reduced accuracy against the user for the duration of the ability. Additionally, The K'in that casts the Flare will gain a buff to his power damage output whilst within the Flare's radius. This ability can be upgraded with power range duration and efficiency mods.

4 - Solar Collapse - (All Energy)

K'in summons all of his available power to collect solar energy and disperse it in a deadly wave of light that disintegrates enemies on contact. The strength of this ability is determined by how much energy is contained in the warframe at the point of activation. These extents of power are separated by tiers:

0-50 Energy ---- 350 points of Solar damage

51-100 Energy - 600 points of damage

101-150 Energy 850 points of damage

151-200 Energy 1100 points of damage

201-250 Energy 1350 points of damage

251-300 Energy 1600 points of damage

300 < Energy----1800 points of damage

Despite requiring all available energy currently on the Warframe, this ability has the potential to be incredibly potent with higher energy pools and can be cast at any level of energy for varied results. This mod can be upgraded with power range mods.

* Solar Damage is a unique form of elemental damage that is designed to disrupt factors such as shields and armour without the added side effects - fire damage without secondary DoT, Ice shield disruption without the slow and Serrated Blade without the bonus to infested. This creates an element that bypasses defenses to attack health directly but at a less potent degree than the individual effects combined.


Unfortunately, anyone who has seen these concept threads before should realise that i do not have concept art for these ideas due to less-than-par drawing/sketching ability.

The design concept was to be very Orokin heavy in design, naturally ornate and embellished with ominous features that captured the idea of his sparse availability making him more Orokin by default. His armour is similar to frost but with less an emphasis on bulky wear and more of an emphasis on traditional cloths and robes, helping with the emphasis on his reputation within Orokin culture.

He is to appear wise and brave by his stature, but hold a humble essence around him - he acts out of conviction and strives through honour to succeed at any cost.

I hope this concept has fulfilled the role he was set out with. I understand this is another typically wordy thread by me and I thank those who have read to the end. Recovering this idea from its first attempt has been a hassle and some features are far from polished and I will be grateful for any feedback that you have towards the concept.

Thanks for your time.


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