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Kokuta | The collector |

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Name : Kokuta

Gender : female

Description : Uses a lantern to collect and store resources such as ammo, life spheres and energy, and the life force of enemies, to occasionally release the contents of the lantern in beneficial or puti-damaging pulses. If necessary, it is possible to condense the life force of enemies to summon a powerful guardian to aid you in combat.


Hp : 75

Shields : 125

Energy : 100

Armor : 100

Speed : 1.15

Passive : Your lantern is divided into 4 separate containers, each of which gives you passive bonuses based on how full it is. Yellow Canister: Collects ammo, and increases the damage your bullets deal Red container: collects orbs of life, regenerating your HP when you lose a part of them. If at least 25% full, you will revive yourself when you take fatal damage. Blue container: collects energy orbs, and decreases the activation cost of your skills Purple Container: Gathers the vital forces of enemies, decreasing all damage you take

Yellow : max 100 units | +2% bullet damage output/unit (+1 unit/pistol ammo drop|3 units/bow or sniper ammo drop|2units/drop all other ammos)

Red : max 1000 units | regenerate hp when you lose at least 10% of your maximum hp (+25/health orb)

Blue : Max 1000 units | 1% energy efficiency/ 50 units (+25/energy orb)

Purple : max 100 units | 5% damage reduction / 10 units (+0.5 unit/s each enemy affected by the 1st ability)

Ability 1


Leave your lantern on the ground, which will attract any existing drop on the map directly to you, collecting the possible ones. Enemies in a large radius from the lantern will be connected to it by a beam, which will deal damage to the lantern all the time, draining their life force.

Cost : 25 energy (decrease with efficiency)

Duration : 60 seconds (increase with duration)

Range (for drops) : unlimited (cannot increase/decrease)

Range (for enemies) : 50 meters (increase with range)

Damage : 2% enemy health as true damage/s (increase with power strenght)

Ability 2

Tap : Knock your lantern on the ground, causing one of the containers to explode, which will release some of its contents to the ground, for a different effect based on the container that hit the ground.

Cost : 17% of the maximum contents of the shattered container (cannot increase/decrease)

Hold : Choose which container should break and release its contents to the ground.

Yellow : The explosion of this container causes the release of some boxes of universal ammunition, which when collected, will increase the damage inflicted by a certain percentage.

Ammo drop number : 8 (increase with strenght)

Ammo drop bonus damage : 125% (increase with strenght) 

Buff duration : 20 seconds (increase with duration)

Red : Releases a healing pulse along with some health spheres. The pulse applies a heal over time effect that is impossible to reverse. It also affects machinery of all kinds.

Pulse range : 30 meters (increase with range)

Pulse hp regeneration : 50/s (increase with strenght)

Regeneration duration : 30 seconds (increase with duration)

Health spheres number : 8 (increase with strenght)

Blue : Releases a blue-colored pulse that regenerates a percentage of the ally's energy hit instantly, and applies an undoable energy-over-time effect. It also works for skills that consume energy over time, reducing their cost.

Pulse range : 50 meters (increase with range)

Pulse instant regeneration : 25% of maximum energy (increase with strenght)

Pulse regeneration over time : 5/s (increase with strenght)

Regeneration duration : 20 seconds (increase with duration)

Purple : Releases a purple pulse, which blankets enemies, slowing them and increasing the damage they take. Enemies killed under the effect of this ability will explode, releasing additional materials (life, energy, ammo and various materials)

Pulse range : 50 meters (increase with range)

Enemy slow down : 65% (increase with strenght up to 100%)

Enemy damage vulnerability : 150% (increase with strenght)

Malus duration : 30 seconds (increase with duration)

Explosion range : 7 meters (increase with range)

Explosion damage : 8% of their maximum hp (increase with strenght)

Bonus drop : 100% (increase with strenght)

Ability 3

Sacrifice some of your personal resources (life, energy and ammo) to partially fill the lantern containers with a convertion efficiency

Cost : 75 energy , 50 hp and 25% max ammo (cannot decrease)

Blue container : +150 units (increase with strenght and efficiency)

Red container + 100 units (increase with strenght and efficiency)

Yellow container : + 25 units (increase with strenght and efficiency)

Ability 4

Smash all of the lantern containers, releasing all of its resources, creating a powerful commanding guardian who fights independently. The more resources the lantern contained, the more resilient and dangerous it will be, and it will fight alongside you until its death.

Cost : All lantern materials (cannot increase/decrease)

Guardian hp : 10 x red container unit (the multiplier increase with strenght)

Guardian armor : 5 x blue container unit (the multiplier increase with strenght)

Guardian damage : yellow container units + purple container units



Thanks for reading, for any doubts / advice on changes / balances write in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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