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Mastery Rank 6 - Bug With Exp


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Hi, Guys! How are you? I have a problem with my account. A month ago that I need 14,800 to reach Mastery Rank 6. I got tired of doing missions and still continues in 14,800. This frozen at that number! What I can do?


My English is terrible, I'm from South America! Thank you!




Atte Arael_x

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Have you been leveling new Warframes and weapons? You only get mastery experience for each new rank of 'frame or weapon that you're leveling for the first time. Polarizing or selling the item and buying it back after you've already leveled it does not count towards mastery experience.


Example: You rank an Ash, Trinity, and Frost to rank 30. That's 18,000 mastery experience for all three, and you cannot rank them further. Polarizing them (resetting their rank to 0) and ranking them up again will not earn you more experience, so you will have to get another warframe like Nekros or Volt and rank it up for more experience.

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