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Dangak | the bullet king |

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Name : Dangak

Gender : Male

Description : An aerodynamic and tapered body, together with its strength, allow it to take incredibly fast shots, reaching speeds equal to those of a bullet in a thousandth of a second, allowing it to use its body like a bullet, without taking any damage, thanks to its strong but thin armor. He is also equipped with abilities that allow him to absorb and store, without taking damage, the bullets of all kinds, which he can then release into abilities with quite surprising results.


Hp : 150

Shields : 100

Armor : 500

Energy : 150

Speed : 1.35

Passive : Being hit by a bullet can activate a defense that allows you to absorb the bullet, ignoring the damage. The absorbed bullets will affect the damage of your skills, and on command, they can add secondary effects to your skills.

Absorbition % : 30%

Maximum cumulative bullets : 2.000

Ability 1

Charge your strength and energy, so that you can fire a shot that will make you reach immense speed in a thousandth of a second, damaging the enemies you hit. Hitting a wall will cause you to bounce, and some of your initial speed will be lost.

Cost : 10 (decrease with efficiency)

Damage : 1.000 (increase with strenght and armor)

Charge time : 1 second (decrease with efficiency)

Speed : movement speed x 10 (multiplicator increase with strenght)

Lose 1 (decrease with strenght) x movement speed each time you hit a solid object (a column, wall, a door ...)

Hold : Consume some of your bullets, to create an explosion that releases a few self-directed bullets every time you hit something.

Consume : 10% max bullets (decrease with efficiency)

Explosion range : 5 meters (increase with range)

Bullets / explosion : 13 (increase with strenght)

Explosion damage : 500 (increase with strenght)

Bullets damage : 1.350 (increase with strenght)

Ability 2

It creates a magnetic field that attracts and allows your body to absorb each bullet and store them for future use.

Cost : 50 (decrease with efficiency)

Range : 12 meters (increase with range)

Duration : 12 seconds (increase with duration)

Ability 3


It covered your body with a protective layer, which increases your defenses, and the damage done by the 1st ability, and makes you immune to knockdown, as well as giving you the ability to damage any enemy that charges / charges or attacks you in melee.

Cost : 75 (decrease with efficiency)

Bonus defence : +300 armor (increase with strenght)

Bonus damage 1st ability : +100% (cannot increase/decrease)

Damage charged enemy* : 195 (increase with strenght)

Hold You consume a certain amount of bullets for an extra coating of spiked bullets, which will further damage enemies that get too close, and increase the damage dealt by the 1st ability even more.

Cost : 25% max bullets (decrease with efficiency)

Bonus damage 1st ability : +100% (total +200%) (cannot increase/decrease)

Bonus damage charged enemy : + 215 (increase with strenght)

Ability 4

Charge your energy, and fill the air around you with bullets, which will damage any enemy that passes through. This ability automatically consumes all bullets stored, to increase area of effect and number of bullets in the air.

Cost : 100 energy(decrease with efficiency) + 100% bullets stored (cannot increase/decrease)

Range : 20 meters(increase with range) + 1(increase with range) meter / 100 bullets consumed

Bullets spawned : 50(increase with strenght) + 1(increase with strenght) / 100 bullets consumed

Bullets damage : 600 / bullet (increase with strenght)



Thanks for reading. For any doubts / concerns, advice on balances / changes or other, do not hesitate to write in the comments.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D


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