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 I think it would only be worth it if you could do two at a time on a steal essence fissure, which they probably wouldn't do.  Otherwise  there were just be no real benefit especially since you can't even Farm essence from the eximus anymore.

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ideally, a "Relic Stacking" system would be ideal: you have a predetermined number of slots, let's say 10, and you can choose 10 of any tier relic you want to be unlocked in sequence. this helps people in several ways:

- no more going through the hassle of re-equipping relics between missions or having to quickly find the correct relic amongst hundreds of others as a timer counts down; if you have 5 relics for a particular prime part, stack them in sequence and they will automatically be equipped each wave.

- if you want an older prime part, which can appear on different tiers of relics, now you don't have to swap to a different mission type, you can stack Axi-Axi-Lith-Neo or whatever you want.

- it would also encourage longer relic runs, again, not having to trawl through the menu every single time. if everyone uses a stack of relics, there wou'nt be any interruptions between rotations, allowing for smoother gameplay.

the bets thing for Relics overall though: a kiosk where we can just exchange the ones we don't want for traces.

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