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Warframe Concept: Atomos


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Lame name is a WiP... If I remember to come back to this when I think of a better gravity related Pun-Name... Oh yeah, Spoiler Alert; Gravity Based Caster Tank.


"Ready to get newtonian, Tenno?"


Atomos is a master of Gravitational Forces, bending the very will of the stars to his own to crush his enemies, redirect their fire, and give his allies the time to move into position to deliver the killing blow.


[i suck at summaries...]




HP: 80 (250 at Rank 30)


Shields: 120 (300 at Rank 30)


Energy: 150 (200 at Rank 30)


Armour: 150


Shield Regen: 25.6


Sprint Speed: 1.00


Polarities: 4x '=', 1x '-', 1x 'V'


Aura: '-'


Let's move on to the meat of this 'Frame idea; Abilities.


1, Hammer-Blow

Atomos launches an orb of highly unstable gravitational energy at his opponents, knocking them to the ground or slamming them into walls.

Projectile travels up to 10/15/20 metres (Affected by Stretch) and knocks down enemies, dealing 25/35/65 Physics Impact Damage (Affected by Focus/Blind Rage). The projectile will continue along it's path, even through enemies. Costs 25 Energy


[Clear Inspiration: Sonic Boom and Ice Wave got together and made a flipper-limbed, runty bastard. Also relates to a Newtonian Law, "An Object in motion will remain in motion until acted upon by an outside force"]


2, Gravitic Infusion

Atomos infuses his enemies with Gravitational Energy, crushing them under their own weight.

A cone projected in front of Atomos for 5/7/9 metres (Affected by Stretch) causes enemies to be slowed by 11/22/33% and take 4/8/12 Physics Impact Damage (Not affected by Focus/Blind Rage) per second for 5/8/12 seconds (Affected by Continuity). Costs 50 Energy


[Clear Inspiration: Molecular Prime - Explosions. Not as epic, but decent for getting into position against tougher enemies]


3, Gravity Well

Atomos creates a gravity well around himself, lessening the impact of projectiles travelling in, while increasing the impact of projectiles travelling out. HAS NO EFFECT ON CONTINOUS TRIGGER WEAPONS LIKE THE FLUX RIFLE OR IGNIS

An area around Atomos of 3/6/9 metres (Affected by... y'know what, this is a given by now...) reduces incoming damage to himself and allies by 10/20/30% (Not affected) while increasing the damage of himself and his allies by 6/12/25% (Not affected) for 5/8/15 seconds (Affected). Costs 75 Energy


[Clear inspiration: Arcanist Ossyan Warcaster character from Privateer Press' "Warmachine" Miniatures game. No, seriously, that's basically the dude's trump. Functionally this would look similar to Ember's "World on Fire" skill.]


4, Black Hole [Don't act like you didn't know this was coming...]

Atomos creates a gravitational singularity, crushing his enemies and bolstering his allies speed.

Atomos designates an area up to 25 metres away (Not affected) from himself to be a "Black Hole", which then becomes an active singularity. Similar to Vauban's Vortex, enemies are pulled in and take 4/8/12 Physics impact damage (Affected) for the 5/10/15 second duration (Affected) of the singularity. Allies who remain within 3/6/9 Metres (Affected) Gain a 3/5/8% boost to their Reload, Melee, and Sprint speeds (Affected). Costs 100 Energy.


[Clear inspiration: Vauban's Vortex. Not even gonna try to hide that.]


Atomos' whole point is to get into combat quickly, slow his enemies down, and then buff his allies attack power while knocking enemies on their asses. A simple, no-nonsense approach to combat with a few tricks of hs own to keep his play-style fresh.

Low Health but decent Armour and Shields can keep him in the fight if canny players utilize his skills to their fullest capability, though that's not much concern once he gets a Vitality or Redirection mod.


I'll keep adding stuff to this post as I think it up. Gotta prioritize a better name, though... suggestions? Comments? Scathing critique?

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