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Day Of The Dead. More Weapons Affected!


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For example if you buy day of the dead for lato it affects


Lato Prime


BUT NOT Lato vandal


If you buy it for Braton it works for


Braton Vandal

but not Braton prime, or Mk-1 Braton



If you buy for glaive it works for


Kestral (yeah it works for a weapon not even listed)


Yes in that pic is also the Braton vandal, and Lato prime wearing the skin if you look close enough


I only bought glaive, Braton, and Lato versions, but I would like to know if anyone else found weapons affected by the skins not originally marked to be affected.

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The kestrel was interesting, it looked unintended, I wonder if they'll remove it.

I love it on Kestral I hope they don't remove it... but the moment they do everyone get ready for the complaint topic responding to that because pretty much these skins are absolutely poorly chosen. Why? Because glaive is barely seeable. THE PURPOSE OF A SKIN IS TO BE SEEN!!! No one can see it on a Paris, or Glaive... but  I can see it on kestrel, Orthos, or Gorgon. They better keep it on Kestral. Its worth it as long as it can be placed on kestrel.

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