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Community Stream Schedule: January 11 - 15

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9 minutes ago, NoFlamezX said:

why is it 11-15, thursday is one the 14th

Sometimes the Warframe Team will run the DevStream on Friday. Sometimes they plan for it and it doesn't work out, other times its almost spur-of-the-moment and we get maybe 24 hours notice. DE deserves a codos for starting the good habit of posting the weekly schedule many days in advance!

Thanks DE 🎇 and also thanks Digressive 🎇 for keeping a google calendar available! Helps me organize my week.

In other news, the Prime Time stream will happen tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing our DE host try to use Khora in their missions!

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On 2021-01-13 at 6:00 AM, SharpShotApollo said:

What a surprise, watched the Tuesday stream and didnt get anything. Monday worked fine. New year same problems.


EDIT: As per usual, didn't have to do anything special to get Wednesday drop. It's always just Tuesday and sometimes Friday when I get nothing, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday are usually flawless. So bizarre. 

Same for me. I got Monday and Wednesdays drops fine, but Tuesday? Nope :( ah well.

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On 2021-01-08 at 11:16 AM, [DE]Helen said:


We’re kicking off a new year of Warframe community streams! The team’s looking forward to more hang outs and casual gameplay with you.

In lieu of our traditional streams, members of the Community Team are broadcasting from their homes during our regularly scheduled times. Stop by and catch up with us and other Tenno!

Watch at twitch.tv/warframe for 30 minutes to receive this week’s Twitch Drop:

  • Monday: Dendra Leg Guards
  • Tuesday: Sigma Series Sugatra
  • Wednesday: Dendra Shoulder Guards
  • Thursday: Sigma Series Syandana

Reminder: Make sure your Twitch and Warframe accounts are linked!

  Reveal hidden contents

If you're having trouble, please unlink and relink your Twitch and Warframe accounts. First, make sure you're logged into warframe.com & twitch.tv with the correct accounts you want linked. Then visit warframe.com/user and under "User Information", check your Twitch Sync field. Refresh the link by choosing "Click here to unlink" and then choosing "Click here to link".

Those who have not linked their accounts before can do so here.


You can also follow our live stream schedule on our calendar! Community Tenno, Digressive provides regular updates. You can use the subscription option if you’d like a reminder for each stream!

Nintendo Switch Tenno who want to watch from their portable console can do so by installing the YouTube app for free at the Nintendo eShop. Head to the Warframe YouTube channel when we're live to tune in!

Thanks for the info helen, hope you have a great day looking forward to the hometime stream 

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Anything FREE is amazing. That said, how about the Ignis Solstice Skin in Nightwave or the market? Will there be riven disposition changes soon? How about sweet new skins for Valentine's? Ignis with hearts? Cute heart shaped chocolate candy box ephemera? You guys must have time on your hands since you've opted to shelter in place during a seasonal flu.

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12 hours ago, psy.kuro66 said:

No drop today either (just 1 drop this week).

The "solution" (unlink-relink) is not working. And we can't be doing this everyday. So, sometimes there's drops, most of the time there's none. Is obvious there's something wrong with the system on DE's end.

Uhm, no. It's not on DE's end. Twitch has a lot of problems lately (like its sudden shutdowns where there's no channel live and you can't watch a single video). The only thing that I can suggest is to wait. Or try again the ''Solution'' until it's fixed.

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