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Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.5


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Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.5


Operation: Orphix Venom Changes & Fixes:

  • Removed Solaris prisoners in the Operation tileset as no Granum related activities are meant to be present in the respective tileset.

  • Fixed another Host migration related scoring exploit.

  • Fixed an End of Mission crash when an Orphix attempts to spawn.

  • Fixed rare cases where Resonators would spawn behind locked puzzle doors in the tileset. 

    • It is unlikely that this should come up again, but if it does, it is essential that you take a screenshot with the in-game tool using the F6 key and send the unedited file to Support; screenshots taken this way have special embedded data that will help us find out why the game chose to place the Resonator where it shouldn’t be. Thanks!

  • Fixed having Voidrigs Storm Shroud run out on your personal Necramech while you’re in a rent-a-Mech resulting in your personal Necramech becoming invincible.

  • Fixed Extraction countdown being reset by enemies/Pets entering the Extraction zone (also occurs in normal Survival missions). 



  • The Mining drop rate of Necrathene has been doubled! To make this change, Heciphron Mining drop rate has been reduced by 6% to balance the Necrathene increase.

    • This change is similar to how we increased the Mining drop rate of Thaumica in Deimos Arcana to help alleviate Necramech crafting pain points.

  • Upon login of this Hotfix, accounts that owned either the Necramech Snake Skin and/or Voidrig Day of The Dead Skin will be given the corresponding Necramech Helmets. Players who purchase these Skins in the future will get the Helmet automatically.

  • Adjusted Flagellocanth hit box to allow for easier targeting.

  • The Teralyst spawn sound loop will no longer play while in Cetus.

  • Modified the Pet Incubation screen to allow you to purchase Companion Inventory Slots for Platinum if you need them, thus removing the extra step of having to leave and use the Market. (I.e. behaves like when you try to claim a weapon from the Foundry but have no free Slots).



  • Fixed enemies becoming permanently crowd controlled when under the combined effect of Hydroids Tentacle Swarm and Larva (Helminth Infused).

  • Fixed Railjack objectives and enemies not spawning if Client player is in Pilot seat during load-in.

  • Fixed functionality loss if you clicked on a Chat Link to open an item or market page while loading back to the Dojo from a Railjack mission.

  • Fixed rare loot spawn point that was inaccessible near extraction in the Corpus Ship tileset.

  • Fixed Orb Vallis Coildrives gaining 5x fire rate.

  • Another fix for the Mission Progress screen appearing blank while in a Necramech.

  • Fixed previously summoned Client Necramech appearing to explode when re-summoning it.

  • Fixed muted music in The War Within cinematics.

  • Fixed Railjack Crewship gun turrets targeting Penumbra clocked Itzal players. 

  • Fixed ‘Return to Railjack’ persisting on screen in Railjack missions.

  • Fixed Heart of Deimos Snake Necramech appearing to have double attachments.

  • Fixed chosen Energy color not applying to Necramech ground slams  

  • Fixed up elemental trails and FX for Bonewidows Exalted Ironbride.

  • Fixed the Lobotriscid being nearly invisible both while swimming and in the holding diorama.

  • Fixed Flagellocanth caught scenes having incorrect positioning.

  • Fixed missing lower body animations when performing a Whip aerial attack.

  • Fixed Voidrig Snake Necramech Helmet Skin appearing as a filepath in the Necramech Arsenal. 

  • Fixed Syndicates that only have Universal Medallions as Trade Ins displaying ‘NO TO REDEEM’ when you have nothing to redeem.

  • Fixed Pathocyst Infested pod sound looping when pods are created but do not spawn a maggot.

  • Fixed Paris Prime shot sounds occasionally playing locally for remote players.

  • Fixed visual issues with the Oscira Bow Skin when equipped on the Kuva Bramma.

  • Fixed ‘BONUS’ label in the Market persisting after purchasing said item.

  • Fixed numerous script errors related to mounting/dismounting/using Railjack Side Turrets.

  • Fixed an edge case script error when typing in chat while the Options Menu is open.

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Thank you for the Operation fixes.

Please consider in future Operations to not have RNG play such a large factor in mission score. Tileset RNG is the largest contributor to this. Also, soft-caps on event scores are also not as fun, especially when the RNG factor persists throughout the event.

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Thank you very much for the fixes.

No changes to the operations sentient spawn rate on certain tiles and tilesets?
It's kinda annoying to restart the mission for 50min just to get a tileset suitable to get a leaderboard score.
And if you don't find good tiles you might have to wait 1-2hours till it's the right tileset theme again....

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Plz fix broken Protea dodge Animation (happens when spamming dodging) :)

And plz never introduce such a bad designed Event. As said above only Tile set RNG is the Key.
No really Strategy is required or certain Setup since its pretty limiteds to your Voidrig Mech + Siphon killing Arch Gun.
There is barely variance within like in previous ones where you could swap different warframes trying out different ombinations which arent given at all here.
Like 2 dices with just 2 sites each. Variations are very low compared to our 40+ Warframe Arsenal...

I dont mind if u wanna implement Necramechs but also consider Warframes next time plz...

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Would be really nice if you could fix this bug with the necramech where you cant use the abilities anymore and you need to try some methods to get it to work again like falling off map, or getting your necramech destroyed and/or dying with your frame. But when all of these don't work then the last option is to alt + f4 and then reconnect again to the lobby. This is the most annoying bug and making the event really unplayable...

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Gerade eben schrieb JohnWayneWalker:

So when will Lavos’ 4th be affected with efficiency?


When will the top guys in Leaderboard get taken down when they’re recognized for notoriously exploiting these operations?

Just because you dont know how we do it doesnt mean we exploit anything,DE instantly wiped recent ,,bug scores'' 

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