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Reiterating Miter's Problems


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Now that Miter's bounce mechanics have been fixed, we can go back to suggesting tweaks for it.

Personally, I love the mechanics for this weapon, and I don't think that they should be changed at all (bouncing/piercing, charged/uncharged shots, reloading after 20 shots, etc.). However, the weapon faces a few issues caused by some of the numbers themselves, which I, along with many other Miter fans, would like to see fixed.


Here is a list of the issues that I find to be the most pressing, and suggestions for fixes.






Charged damage.


In terms of Charged Shot's attack rate, critical rate, base damage, and projectile speed, Miter is a direct downgrade to Paris Prime at the moment on single targets. The slow projectile speed makes it difficult to line up shots on multiple targets as well.


My suggestion:

-Increase the charge damage (slightly). Increase the base damage without altering other stats. Critical rate can stay at 0%. Compared to Dread and Paris Prime, it would sacrifice potential burst damage and overall charged DPS, but would have greater damage stability and greater minimum damage, allowing to consistently take out lighter enemies in a single hit up to a higher point in the game than bows.





Usefulness of uncharged shots.


Right now, as with Bows, Uncharged attacks are useless except for opening crates or quickly staggering/finishing off nearby enemies, due to the fact that Charged shots have equal or greater sustained DPS and ammo efficiency. The Ballistica was the first chargeable weapon whose normal attack wasn't a near-direct downgrade to the charged attack; rather, it simply served a different purpose than charged attacks, which I feel that all chargeable weapons (Lanka/Ogris debatable, due to innate lack of uncharged shots) should follow.

In addition, Miter's normal attack fire rate is much lower than the Miter used by Eviscerators, and just barely beats them when Speed Trigger is maxed out.


My suggestion:

-Increase uncharged shot's fire rate. Make uncharged DPS greater than charged DPS. What many of us would like to see is to have the fire rate for uncharged shots to be equal to that of an Eviscerator's Miter. After that, changes to damage per shot is debatable, as the fire rate tweak alone would already be sufficient to make Uncharged shots worth using.

Perhaps make similar tweaks to weapons like the Bows. But suggestions for that can be left for another thread.





Projectile speed.


All projectile weapons share this issue, but Miter's projectile speed is among the slowest of them all, making shots incredibly difficult to land. I'd rather not see a straight increase in Miter projectile speeds, since that wouldn't address what other some other players would like to see in their projectile weapons-- everything from Bows to Lanka to Thrown Secondaries to Ogris/Torid.


My suggestion:

-Create a mod, one for Primaries and one for Secondaries, that directly increases projectile flight speed. Rather than a simple math-based damage increase or ammo efficiency alteration, these mods would be playstyle-based. The player would decide if they could use the extra convenience offered by this mod, or if they can put more effort into predicting enemy motion so they can replace it with something like a damage or ammo-related mod.

Such a mod was created for the Glaive, and it received overwhelmingly positive feedback.





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I personally love my Mitre [currently 3 star]
Its fun to use, RARE [in the days of everyone with a damn Soma] and is really satisfying to use

Its a MUST to have a rifle ammo mutator on it [it uses the rifle mutator not sniper for some reason] and I personally feel for all those who DONT have those ammo mods

Id love to see a couple of mods for it also, [although a quick fix might be just to have the thunderbolt mod work on it for CHARGED shots only]
 the bounce effect does a lot more damage than the explosion would for normal shots,
or if there was a NEW mod for it an exploding ICE effect would really suit it

and I personally think its ridiculous that a spinning blade weapon has NO chance to crit?  it should be a crit hit MACHINE!


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