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Sank | The solar scourge |

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Name : Sank

Gender : Male

Description : The combination of damage and stamina make this warframe a bane to anyone who encounters it, regardless of the enemy's defenses.

Stats (rank 0)

Hp : 150

Shields : 100

Armor : 350

Energy : 150

Speed : 1.10

Passive : Whenever you hit an enemy, regardless of any conditions, you have a 50% chance to deal bonus fire damage, with the chance to apply the status.

Ability 1


Charge your energy, and within half a second, release a devastating superheated beam that burns the ground and any enemy hit, dealing severe direct damage, and in the seconds after they are hit. The beam is hot enough to melt the floor of every planet and ship, leaving a trail of molten material that deals damage over time and ignites enemies that pass over it.

Cost : 25 (decrease with efficiency)

Charge time : 1 second (decrease with efficiency and duration)

Range : 35 (lenght) meters (increase with range)  x 5 meters radius  (increase with range)

Damage : 2.000 (75% fire, 25% radiation | 1500% status chance) (increase with strenght)

Dps molted floor : 350 (100% fire, 100% status chance) (increase with strenght)

Molted floor duration : 12 seconds (increase with duration)

Ability 2

Mini sun

Tap : Places a stationary hot sphere, which deals lethal damage to any enemy that passes through it, and deals damage to any nearby enemy.

Cost : 15 (decrease with efficiency)

Sphere direct damage : 3.500 (95% fire, 5% radiation | 500% status chance) (increase with strenght)

Sphere radius : 0.5 meters (increase with range)

Damage range : 3 meters (increase with range with 200% efficiency*)

Dps : 575 (65% fire, 35% radiation | 100% status chance) (increase with strenght)

Sphere cap : 7 (increase with strenght)

Hold : Blast all orbs, which damage enemies in their area of effect, melting each armor, which will deal additional damage over time.

Cost : 5/sphere (decrease with efficiency) Cooldown : 10 seconds (cannot increase/decrease)

Explosion radius : 6 meters (increase with range)

Explosion damage : 4.975 (85% fire, 10% radiation, 5% blast | 300% status chance) (increase with strenght)

Armor reduction : 85% (increase with strenght up to 100%)

Molten armor dps : 750 (100% fire) (increase with strenght)

Molten armor duration : 12 seconds (increase with duration)

Ability 3

Solar barrier

Create a barrier that protects you from damage from all sides. The barrier continually gives off heat, damaging any nearby enemies. The more damage the barrier absorbs, the more damage will be dealt.

Cost : 50 (decrease with efficiency)

Damage reduction : 80% (cannot increase/decrease)

Duration : 24 seconds (increase with duration)

Damage aura range : 20 meters (increase with range)

Dps : 350 (100% fire | 75% status chance) /increase with strenght)

50% of the damage absorbed will increase the damage inflicted by the aura

Bonus damage decay : 10%/s (decrease with efficiency and strenght up to 2%)

Ability 4


Drop a continuous vertical beam on an area bounded by the map, inflicting lethal damage to everyone inside. The range bypasses any defensive system of any enemy, and even if someone manages to adapt to the type of damage, it will always be high enough to inflict considerable damage on the enemy.

None of the stats for this skill can be altered

Cost : 125 cooldown : 5 seconds

Range : 5 meters

Duration : 12 seconds

DPS : 10.000 (65% fire, 35% radiation | 100% status chance)

* each 25% bonus range, this range increase by 50%














Thank you for reading, for any concerns / doubts or advice for balances / changes, write in the comments, as well as your opinions.

Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night :D







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