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Veterans are there any nerfs or changes you would like to see reverted.

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8 hours ago, xxswatelitexx said:

The ability was always called Rift Surge, but how it functioned before is different than how it functions now. 

Before what 3rd ability used to do was be a damage multiplied to every enemy inside the  Void Rift now what it does is charge enemies with Void energy then when they die it explodes spreading it to other people. So you could time stop multiple enemies in a chain reaction.


Oh.... Then it's fine is it not ? I love Rift Surge the way it works now. 

Damage and Damage Buffs are Boring...

3 hours ago, kgabor said:

That's the Rift Torrent augment's effect on Rift Surge, it should still work on the changed Rift Surge. (unless the wiki's data is outdated, it's been a while since i last played Limbo and i currently don't have Wf on my Steam Library, so i can't check it now)

Indeed... Rift Torrent gives Limbo a Damage buff for every enemy affected by Rift Surge... While they are in the rift (Supposedly enemy's that are surged but not in the rift don't count)....

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This is gonna be a rare one but take all of the negative drawbacks off of the conclave mods and remove the forced melee debuff. If you bring a knife to a gunfight you deserve to be at a disadvantage.

Remove amp staggers while keeping the self damage gone.

Restore the old Condition Overload multipliers.

Remove line of sight checks and let the people have their fun.

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7 hours ago, kgabor said:

That's the Rift Torrent augment's effect on Rift Surge, it should still work on the changed Rift Surge. (unless the wiki's data is outdated, it's been a while since i last played Limbo and i currently don't have Wf on my Steam Library, so i can't check it now)

Yeah it still works that way. Rift Torrent gives Limbo +30% weapon damage per enemy in the rift. Before his rework that was only +20% weapon damage and the original rift surge didn't spread the rift so you don't accidentally pull enemies in the rift and lose track of them.

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If it was ever considered, I'd be very grateful for Necramech Healing to be brought back to how it used to be (Even if it was basically a bug-turned-feature kind of thing).

  • Including sources of healing such as Rejuvenation or Trinity, etc.


Health Orbs still don't always work for the Mechs, where it says at the bottom "Health Full", regardless of your current HP. I'm actually not sure what the exact circumstances are for when they do work. But to that, it shouldn't then have to be exploited in order to get Healing out of Health Orbs (Hypothetcially speaking).


If it turns out Mech healing isn't meant to go back to the way it used to be, I really hope something like this could be considered in it's place:

Pertaining to Healing effects, Bonewidow has her Meathook, but Voidrig can't heal himself / others. Unless DE wanted to implement the changes to Necraweb that are in the thread;


(Copied from part of the thread)





New implementation with Necraweb:

When the Necraweb canister explodes on it's own, or gets shot, two kinds of effects happen (That being the mire or fiery conflaguration); Defense or Offense. Both can be in effect at the same time (With their own durations), but that will need two canisters. Standing / moving around in the mire or fire could absorb some of that fluid into the Mech, and you can take that effect with you outside the area-of-effect.

These effects can be increased by ability strength and duration mods (As well as the potential of Voidrig's Backup Power passive!). Defense and Offensive effects each take 5 full seconds of absorption by the Necramech who stands / moves around in it (Including Bonewidow / future Mechs), and they begin absorbing it the moment they step in the fluids!

  • The Defense and Offense aspects listed below will show the minimal effects (1 second of absorption), followed by the full effects (At least 5 seconds) separately. At full absorption, the effect will last until sometime after you set foot outside of the area-of-effect or awhile after the area disappears.
    • However strong of an effect you build up will not go down though, so no need to worry about a diminishing return situation!
  • Warframes, Companions & Operators still recieve some benefits from this ability as well (From the original posts' iteration)!

    The explanation is a bit more streamlined now below. However, they don't need to wait in the fluids to recieve their own full effects (Not really anywhere on their bodies they can absorb it into, and they're not as tall). Therefore, only the max effects will be listed for them.
    • These effects all stack on top of any relevant mods, etc. they have!



For Necramechs

  • Graviton fluids recover your Mech's HP over time at a rate of 1% of max HP / second for 3-5 seconds (1 second of absorption).
    • At full Absorption (5 seconds), the recovery rate goes up to 3% of Max HP / second for 12-15 seconds.

For Warframes, Companions & Operators:

  • Ally Warframes who walk, roll / dodge or sprint through a mire of Graviton fluids become coated in them.
    • This increases jump & bullet jump speed or height by up to 50% (Up to DE), and they fall slower by the same percentage.
    • Ally Companions receive the same level of an increase in those areas by running through them, to keep things consistent. Since Sentinels always fly next to your Warframe, they aren't affected by the Graviton fluids.
  • Ally Operators (In void mode or not) who jog / run or slide through the mire have their lower body covered in it, increasing their jogging / running speed by up to 50% (Also up to DE, it could be the same as Frames & companions for consistency's sake though).


  • While not in void mode, perhaps that bug of Operator Moon jumps can be memorialized by letting the Operator jump higher and fall slower by the same percentage as Warframes! Movement speed could be based off of the momentum they have when they jump during this.
    • While in Void mode, the total distance of their Void Dash could be extended by 50% (Up to DE) as well, or whichever percentage is determined proper for the other Operator Movement increases.


For Necramechs

  • The Fiery conflaguration fluids flow through the Necramech, and into their weapons. Based on the weapon category (Archgun or melee), rate of fire or attack speed is increased by 10% for 3-5 seconds (At 1 second of absorption).
    • At full absorption (5 seconds), rate of fire or attack speed increases by 50% for 12-15 seconds, effectively adding another +10% per second of absorption (Keeping things consistent!)
      • (Perhaps except for the Arquebex, I'll definetely let DE decide if it should affect that).

For Warframes, Companions & Operators:

  • Ally Warframes who walk, roll / dodge or sprint through the fiery conflaguration have their weapons coated in them (Similar to the Graviton Fluids).

    To keep things balanced, their weapons (Other than Archguns / Archmelee) will receive a 30% increase to their melee attack speed and projectile weapons' rate of fire. This is still a decent effect that adds on top of their mods (Part of why they receive a slightly lesser increase)!
    • Archguns / Archmelee will receive the same 50% effect as Necramechs however, to keep the Arch-weapons in line with the Mechs' usage of them.
    • Ally companions running through them receive the same 30% attack speed buff that Warframe melee does. Sentinels will receive the same buff amount to their presently equipped weapon at the same time the Warframe does, to make that easier to manage.
  • Ally Operators who jog / run or slide through the fiery conflaguration get their hand / amp coated in it. This increases Void Blast total damage by up to 50% (Up to DE), and Void Beam's damage / rate of fire by the same percentage (Whichever is relevant, if not both). Amps receive a 30% or 50% increase to damage / rate of fire (Also up to DE).
    • While in void mode, certain effects of Void Dash may be affected (We'll need player input from various focus schools for this, I'm still working on getting more focus for everything) as well. This part's a W.I.P.!


Considering how strong the Sentient forces can be in Operation Orphix Venom (& thanks to the help from @Hawkeye2404 :) ), Father or Loid could offer an ability augment mod for Necraweb as well!


(Name is not set in stone though)

New Necraweb Augment:     Father's recipe

Polarity:     Zenurik     (Same as frame augments!)

Total Rank / drain:     Goes up to rank 5, adding up to 9 capacity drain (Might need some help from staff and players to tweak these numbers!).

  • In addition to the base functions above, this augment adds some more effects for Necramechs and non-Necramech allies, listed below.

    The effects will be the same regardless of the type of fluid from the Necraweb canister, so you don't need to worry about shooting it or not.
  • Ability Strength and Duration can increase the mod's effects, as well as Voidrig's Backup Power passive.
    • The following effects are provided simultaneously as the base functionality, and last for a period of time based on the augment's rank (If not the fluid's duration, either / or). The power of effect offered is also based on this.
      • Rank 1 provides +10% of the effect, & lasts for 3-5 seconds. Rank 5 provides 50% of the effect, and lasts for 12-15 seconds (These numbers aren't set in stone).

For Necramechs

  • Standing / moving in the fluids now also adds +10% Armor to your Mech for every second of fluid absorption, up to +50%!
    • Mech weapons aren't affected by this (Unless DE wants to add in a Weapon buff from this mod; I'd be all for it).
      • The reason for the Armor boost is to help with Necramech survivability against higher levels of enemies. Pertaining to Armor, right now there aren't many Necramech mods, so Necramech Steel Fiber is the best we have aside from that.

For Warframes, Companions & Operators:


  • All ally Warframes and Companions (Including Sentinels) receive a +50% increase to their total Armor or Damage Reduction, whichever provides more protection from enemy damage (Going to need help from Players & DE Staff on determining which one, since both would be a bit much).
    • This stacks on top of any relevant mods each recipient has at the time, and takes full effect (Based on the Augment's rank?) once they travel through the fluids.
    • Operators not in Void Mode recieve the same effect / percentage as Warframes & their companions, etc., and for the same duration!
      • Operators in Void Mode (While in Void Mode) can use it for an increased amount of time (Same percentage increase as above), however Void Dashing will take the same amount of energy.

The augment could be offered either from Father or from Loid for 20,000 standing (Only at Max syndicate rank Entrati / Necraloid), similar to the other mods they have!


There's a lot more that can be used in the thread if they wanted to go that route :)


I didn't intend to get too off-topic with that, sorry if I did.


Edited by (NSW)Gamer-Steve
Found a small typo.
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