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Ember Powers Feedback


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Hi all! For now your energy colour also affects your power colors. Aaand that made Ember's fireblast look pretty weak



Here's current one


And there's old one


As you see old one is much better because you cant mix power's colors ( old fire blast have orange, yellow, white) and you can have only red/orange/white/pink/etc fire color.


My suggestion: Make option ''Disable energy color for powers''


And about World on Fire - I liked old one cause its actually turned the whole room into HELL but for now you only have scorching earth under your feet and 4 grenades that fly around you -.-


Why dont make Ember flames look like this?



Instead of




Fireball/Overheat seems OK, at least for me


P.S. Sorry for bad Engl.

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Yea, I like my bluish gray flames too. It's preference they give us and most of us like it.


I'm leveling Ember now and love spamming World on Fire and Overheat to see the white/blue/gray fire move around.


Can't wait till they fix her up or whatever they have planned for her.

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In another thread about Ember's powers, a few of us had a conversation with Vaen, one of the animators who does a lot of this sort of thing. He said if he found some time he might take another look at Ember's powers, most notably Fireblast, and World on Fire. So, hopefully he gets a chance to fiddle with them.

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