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It's All About The Attitude


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I do love the amount of character DE has been given these two in their dialogue.


Ruk tends to come off as being somewhat sympathetic (Or at least pretends to) and shows some admiration for the warriors Tenno are. Alad remains aloof, but ungreatful or not, he still honors his word as he is a businessman and understands the value of a partner.

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I just think that Alad is true to himself. However, Ruk is putting on a show here. I am sure both would betray us as soon as we are not of use to them. Both teams are bad. You should chose your side for the rewards alone, not because one is better than the other. We've killed millions of both already. Why now should we sympathize with clones or machines?



On the whole Alad seems like more of a jerk. And it appears Lotus feels the same way.
e.g. When fighting for Ruk, "You have chosen to fight..."
But for Alad, "You were forced to fight..."


I do not think the Lotus words means that she approves our actions. A choice can be bad, but its a choice nonetheless. If she was rooting for one side, there would be no choice to begin with. This event was done by DE and they know better than us the lore they want to develop for the game. I am sure both are as equally worth supporting as they are equally wrong to support.

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