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Tesutodami | the test dummy | (warframe concept)


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Name : Tesutodami

Gender : unknown

Description : It is not known when it was created, but its purpose is clear. It was a dummy for testing weapons and attack strategies. it is resistant, and the suffering accumulated over time has led it to be a walking nightmare. He has seen death in the face so many times, that he is no longer afraid of it, and he hardly cares about anything, apart from making the enemy feel the pain he has felt for incalculable time.


A bad lore about this warframer

Since its creation, Tesutodami was kept locked up in a training and experimental weapons building camp. It was basically a test dummy. He was endowed with a powerful armor and a lot of HP, but he lacked any abilities, to avoid that he could rebel. From the weapons test room, where he was locked up 80% of his time, there were sounds of gunfire, and screams of pain almost all the time. Very few people went in and out, almost only weapons officers, some guards, and repairers, in order to rebuild Tesutodami, when it suffered too much damage, even if it happened very few times, maximum once a month.


I had never seen it in person, because access to the test area was forbidden to people of low rank, like mine, but one day, I was promoted, and received my personal card to enter the test area. The first time I saw Tesutodami, I was impressed, it was totally different from how I imagined it. He had a totally black body, probably burned from tests, full of bullet holes, and cuts. He was chained to the wall, staring blank, almost dead, but my supervisor told me not to think too much about it, that he was always like this, he was created for it, and that he felt no pain, which I highly doubted, given the screams it emitted when hit by the most unstable and strange weapons ever seen, many of which were dismantled, because too unstable, or ineffective.

One day, during one of the various tests, a stranger weapon than the others was brought into the hall. They said it was the future, it was created with very new technologies, that it would be able to defeat the enemies. The weapon was placed in position, and a shot was fired on Tesutodami, which however, suffered no damage. Another 2 were fired, with the exact same effect, nothing. At one point, one of the scientists who developed the weapon pulled something that looked like a detonator out of his pocket and pushed the button above it. Immediately after, an explosion of unprecedented power on Tesutodami's body. It was damaged, practically charred.

The warframe repairers entered, of which almost only the skeleton remains, and placed him inside a strange chamber, like an incubator, which regenerated his body in a few seconds. The warframe was put back in place, but something was wrong.

Now, the warframe had red eyes, a very deep blood red, and was staring intently at the still active weapon. The "spectators" wanted another demonstration of the weapon's power, this time, with 5 bullets instead of 3.

The weapon fires its own shots, but at the moment of detonation, it was not the bullets that exploded, but the weapon itself. A gigantic hole was created inside the test room, and Tesutodami was freed by the delayed explosion of the bullets. His body was damaged, but not like before. A group of soldiers immediately rushed into the room, to make sure that tesutodami did not escape, even though they said it was harmless, given his lack of skill ... it was not.

As soon as a soldier, the one more armored than the others, approached Tesutodami to tie him up, the warfame threw a body to the soldier, piercing the armor, and stabbing him at the belly, immediately afterwards, a second blow, and the soldier, came literally ripped in two, instantly dying.

Tesutodami rose to his feet, and the remaining soldiers unloaded all the ammunition they had on him. The warframe slumped to the ground, but after a few seconds it got up, and sprinted towards the first soldier. The soldiers fired, but nothing seemed to have any effect on his body, and of the soldiers there was not one left with a full body. Tesutodomi headed for the exit from the test area. I didn't have the courage to follow him, to see what was happening, after seeing what he did to those soldiers. I hid in a safe place, or at least I thought it was safe. For several hours, I heard screams of pain and despair, along with gunshots, and possibly something heavier as well.

When the screaming stopped, I decided to get out. What I saw is indescribable ... Soldiers torn in half, armored turrets that should withstand far worse things than that torn warframe. Luckily they said he was harmless and had no skills.

Stats (rank 0)

Hp : 217

Shields : 173

Armor : 637

Energy : 163

Speed : 0.97

Passive : When Tesutodami takes fatal damage, he doesn't go to the ground like a common warframer, but gets up a few seconds later, filled with rage, attacking every enemy with unprecedented ferocity, moving fast, and healing himself for every enemy killed. In this state he is unable to use weapons, but he is still capable of breaking bones and killing enemies, tearing them in 2, with only the help of his hands. If Tesutodami kills enough enemies, he will automatically revive.

Cooldown : 12 seconds

Delay : 3 seconds

Duration : 18 seconds (affected by mods)

Damage : 5% of enemy health/hit (true damage)

Execution hp limit : 55%

Kills for revive : 6 

Speed bonus : +0.55


Killing enough enemies before the effect ends does not disable it, but will reduce its remaining duration by 1 second for each additional enemy killed

Ability 1



Let out a scream of pure pain that will cause enemies to bleed their ears, immobilize them, and dull their senses, so enemies will struggle to shoot accurately, and will always be vulnerable to execution.

Cost : 50 energy (decrease with efficiency)

Range : 25 meters (increase with range)

Duration : 20 seconds (increase with duration)

Debuff : -65% precision (increase with strenght up to -150%) | vulnerable to execution | + 200% execution damage (increase with strenght)

Immobilization duration : 4 seconds (increase with duration)

Ability 2



Let out a cry that will attract the attention of the enemies, who will attack you relentlessly. After you let out the cry, you will be able to absorb an unlimited amount of damage for a short time, which will increase the damage you will deal in the next time.

Cost : 50 energy (decrease with efficiency)

Range : 35 meters (increase with range)

Duration : 30 seconds (increase with uration)

Invulnerability duration : 5 seconds (increase with duration)

Damage bonus : 1%(increase with strenght)/100 damage absorbed(decrease with strenght and efficiency)

Ability 3


Grab the first enemy you see, and rip his body into 2 parts, killing him instantly, regenerating life based on the enemy's life. Surrounding enemies, horrified by what you did to their ally, will try to get away from you, as quickly as possible, dropping their weapons to the ground.

Cost : 0 Cooldown : 10 seconds (unaffected by mods)

Range : 15 meters (increase with range)

Damage : 150% enemy health (true damage) (unaffected by mods)

Life steal : 5% (unaffected by mods)

Debuff range : 25 meters (increase with range)

Debuff duration : 20 seconds (increase with duration)

Ability 4


Enter a state of alteration, and pour out the pain and anger that you have been holding inside for an incalculable time, assaulting enemies, and breaking their bones. Dying in this state will immediately activate the passive ability, which will last twice as long, and triple the power. All your skills will be enhanced by the anger it is pouring out on enemies.

Cost : 100 energy + 2% max hp/s (unaffected by mods)

Assault range : 7 meters (increase with range)

What is assault The warframe will automatically attack the targeted enemy with bare hands, if in range, delivering a 12-hit combo that will break the enemy's bones, and damage him heavily.

Assault damage : 5% enemy health/hit (true damage) (unaffected by mods)

Assault combo hits : 9 (increase with strenght and duration)

Bonus movement speed : +0.30 (increase with strenght)

Enemy execution hp limit : 25% maximum hp (unaffected by mods)

Assault duration : 3 seconds (decrease with duration)

Ability buffs : +50% range,duration, strenght (unaffected by mods)

Passive buffs : + 100% base duration , + 200% base damage (increase with strenght)

When this skill is active, using any skill will consume life instead of energy


Special weapon

Type : primary

Name : (?)

Desciption : Primary weapon with high destructive capacity, firing powerful explosive shots, which detonate on command. Shots can be attacked on enemies, and the more hits are on an enemy, the larger and more powerful the explosion will be.


Precision : 200

Recoil : low

Magazine capacity : 12

Maximum ammo : 300


Fire rate : 4.17/s

Critical chance : 25% +1%/projectile

Status chance : 20% +1%/projectile

critical damage : 2.7x +0.1x/projectile


On projectile impact : 0

On explosion : 475+125/projectile (50% explosive, 10% radiation, 10% impact, 10% corrosive, 20% fire)



This warframe is not finished yet, and advice on everything from balance to total skill changes is welcome.

Have a good day/afternoon/evening/night :D

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