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Japanese - Is It Too Late To Change?


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In Gradivus Dilemma missions, when I am fighting for Corpus, Sargas Ruk (sometimes? always?) shows up in a middle of the battle and appeals to tennos "It 's NOT too late to change side."  At the same time, under English UI, on-screen dialogue shows "Is it too late to change side?" The narrative sentence and the text sentence differ, but both of them tell a same message. That's fine.


Under Japanese UI, however, the on-screen dialogue says: "考え直すには少々遅いようだな", meaning "It is bit too late to change your mind." That is, the Japanese text says a contrary. Considering the story line, this mistake is terrible, because I think it maks us feel that Grineer doesn't need Tennos' help any more. The Japanese text should be something like "今からでも考え直したらどうだ?" or "まだ間に合うぞ。"


I hope this is fixed soon ... but ... the Gradivus Dilemma operation ends in three days. Is it too late to change? :-)

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Probably too late sad to say.

My apology for the sloppy translation, I have been quite busy recently and out of country for the past week

and had no choice but to rush though them literally at the last minute and had no time to proofread them myself.


Also as TheWestmark addressed, the voice overs doesn't seem to match the dialogue strings that I have received as well.

I might have to check up on that issue.

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