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Warframe Content Review 2020

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On 2021-01-13 at 12:20 AM, (PSN)Mofojokers said:

This is why you don't have a leg to stand on

Yours is just:

-Endurance runs

-A youtuber said so

Coming up with a list of what doesn't need to be changed would be shorter in regards to Endurance SP runs. Damage gets to the point where anything that doesn't pretty much turn off the enemies or abuse shield gate, assuming you're not in an area with 1 shot toxin damage, won't survive.

There's also the "rework" issue, many people view reworking characters in games as altering them on a functional level. What was proposed was a rework to cold, the damage type, and not the Warframe. The proposed changes to Frost, the Warframe, would be better labeled as buffs. Neither of which even solve your apparent issues with Frost; he would still be heavily reliant on his weapons, bubble, and 4th skill. At the end of the day, he's a defensive Warframe with armor stripping, and other than completely changing him or going against your view and power creeping him, he'll remain that way.

The main thing I can agree on though, is his armor strip should have a higher base. Some older Warframes have odd restrictions on their armor strip that make no sense when you consider the current state of the game's balance. Like how Nyx has a low target cap, Oberon requiring strength and multiple casts, etc.

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