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Founders Program Questions



Before I even consider buying one the packages, I wanted to know if they're worth it.


I also wanted to ask what the Design Council and the Solar Landmark are (the descriptions on the Founders Program page were vague)?

And finally, which one does most of the community recommend?


I apologize if the answers to these questions are common knowledge, but I only just got into this game recently.


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well solar mark means that you have an option to put your name somewhere on planet. For example Ceres: mission Kiste <- you can place your name on Kiste.


DC membership... emmm... i will skip this one.


Basically if you like the game go with GM i guess.. you will have a lot of plat for a very very very long time and some weapons and a frame, which also means mastery points and mastery level. If that means anything.

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Design Council is a sub-area of the forum where developers are actively involved with the members, giving a previous information about what will be coming to the game before everyone else


out there that you can vote on what should be implemented first in the game



about the solar landmark... i have no idea

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You can easily find this information, however I will humor you.


Design council is a group of players that are able to vote on some future game content and features, and you're probably going to be able to convey your feedback to DE a lot easier if you're apart of the council.



A Solar Landmark is just your name under a random mission. If you hover over a mission, under its details you'll see the grandmaster badge and a bunch of names.



I recommend getting at least Hunter. Disciple is the only tier that gives less platinum than you could purchase for the price of the package, and the only other item you gain is the badge (I don't think you want a bronze badge, do you?).

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I would recommend Master or Grandmaster. Founder Packages are great, because you can get the most bang for your buck. If you consider that if you buy the $99.99 Platinum pack, you get 2100 Platinum and 2 rare mods, but if you buy the Master package (also $99.99), you get 3,210 Platinum, Excalibur Prime, Skana Prime, Forum and in-game badge and Design Council priveldge.


Keep in mind that Excalibur Prime, Skana Prime and Lato Prime (Grandmaster only) are exclusive, and you can never get them again. The Design Council might be available in the future, though. There's been conversation amongst us about who could get the priveledge to be on the Council, and what criteria they would have to meet to do so.

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I'm ecstatic about the amount of replies I received. Thanks for clearing things up for me. Didn't even think to check and see if there was a wiki for Warframe.


I'm on the fence between Hunter and Master. If I had the money, I'd buy the Grand Master package twice over, but I doubt that'd be financially beneficial for me...


The Design Council honestly sounds appealing, but the current state of my wallet differs in my opinion. Hopefully I can raise enough funds to grab the Master package by the end of October.

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I would push for the Master package.


The Plat alone is worth the extra $50, as the what, 1200ish from the Hunter will go quite quickly if you purchase any cosmetic items.


The Badge is much cooler, and the Skana pairs nicely with the Excal when somewhere down the road you want to show off your contribution.


Design Council is not only a section of the Forums. It also allows access to the Council Chat channel in-game, which is oft frequented by devs and is available while in-mission. Definitely a huge plus if you solo a lot as you can read conversations while in mission >.>


The Design Council section of the forums is pretty cool; not only will you see upcoming content but get a chance to impact it, and actually see the creation of the content, whether it be an ingame item, tileset designs or an intro movie.


Finally, you get a T-Shirt. Woot. :D

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