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Japanese - Inappropriate Translation Of "attachment" To A Message


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If you go to ingame "INBOX" these days, you will find messages from Alad V or Sargas Ruk that have attachments with them. The English UI calls it "ATTACHEMNT".


Under Japanese UI, it is called "添付ファイル" and I believe this is inappropriate.


Japanese word "添付ファイル" means "attached files". Definitely "files" and nothing else. This translation is appropriate if this is for a real Internet mail inbox. However, this is a game, and the attachment here is not files but some game items.


Better translation of "ATTACHMENT" in this context, in my opinion, is "添付品" (this word usually means an additional item sent in a parcel with another major item, for example.) Or you can use a word "添付", whose usual meaning is "an action to attach something" and I believe it never had meant "something attached" in a past, but I see a lot of usages of that meaning recently, especially on Japanese UI of web services apparently translated from other languages...

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