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Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.6

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8 hours ago, --Q--MEG said:

Fast loading mission not coming back ?????

Never altered for myself, still loads quick and I'm on an old i5 cpu with 16 gig ram, what specs are you running that it has slowed down.


10 hours ago, 480cunh2 said:

When will you fix the Amber Star drop issue?
In the last month, I got almost 20 Cyan stars, not even a single Amber.
I have 4 sculptors that I cant fill for almost 2 months
I need that endo!



10 hours ago, [DE]Saske said:

Hi 480cunh2! This issue was fixed in Hotfix 29.5.7.

Fixed Ayatan Amber Stars dropping far less frequently than before Deimos Arcana.

3 hours ago, Old_Fogie said:

Your definition of fixed is..... Interesting?

According to DE's own drop tables, the only location to reliably gather those items is in the Cambion Drift. Any additional information on gathering them at any other location is vague at best, lacks any drop info regarding percentage chance, and appears to be incredibly difficult to get. Personally, I've only managed to get 3 in the last 4 weeks I've been playing.

What I find rather interesting is that I had a resource drop chance booster going when I got those 3 stars, and was not running in the Cambion Drift. So, it begs the questions, is it actually fixed? Or is it fixed to the Cambion Drift primarily, so players are required to engage in Deimos in order to farm them?

No offense to DE, but this wouldn't be the first time that the definition of "Fixed" has actually been changed to "Alternative Facts".

I noticed they went back to normal after they fixed it I've had about 40 or more amber stars in the last couple of weeks in the normal star chart.


Thank you for the hotfix.

Arcana Bounties need the Esophage marked for easy access back to the surface, at present if you can't find an Esophage you have to travel almost 1 km back to the surface to start the next bounty which is a time waste considering weeks of grind for no weapon parts dropping. (rng hates me) 
Matchmaking for Arcana Bounties is needed.

10 hours ago, PublikDomain said:

Revert or replace the LoS check added to Khora's Whipclaw in U29.5.0. It makes playing Khora frustrating.


This change was described as a "little quality of life touch up":

Despite drastically reducing quality of life for this Warframe.


My bug report has 65 examples across all 15 standard tilesets in the game.

This has been broken for almost 2 months now.

And to see if you guys are even paying attention (feels like you're not), guess what?

  Reveal hidden contents

LoS isn't blocked by doors so you can still macro AFK anyways.


This change fails to address the people abusing Whipclaw and only punishes legitimate players. It's unacceptable.

Also the LoS breaks everywhere else it's used for projectiles, and those cases should be reverted too.



@[DE]Megan @ [DE] Grineeer @ [DE] Rebecca @ [DE] Steve @[From Pablo

Khora's whip with LOS is a fail, refer to the post above for details, you've effectively killed a good Warframe for all of us legit players because of a few farming macro exploiters.
Makes me question if investing in the Khora Prime will be a waste of time.

Please fix fishing in Deimos getting stuck while using the fishing poles on the exocrine. It happens with both fishing poles from player accounts, though I've only had it happen to myself with the Ebisu Spear.

Can we please have an option for our Orbiters A B C for appearance like Warframes have that way we can switch between appearances.

Can we please get the Cryptanaut Necramech Helmet to display the Day Of The Dead skin to match the rest of the Necramech, or could you just make the Day Of The Dead skin universal on all the Necramechs.

Please fix the Fluctus not hitting the Orphix centre once opened, just seeing zeros as damage, if you're lucky enough to see an actual damage number.

I know this will not be done for this Orphix event but maybe for the next one, add the Esc button to stop entering into a rent-a-mech by accident so frustrating to accidentally enter one when your Mech is standing close. (yes yes look for the rent-a-mechs but in the heat of battle, I'm sure everyone has done it at least once)

Nightwatch Napalm has stopped working after orphix-venom-hotfix-2966 with the Ogris Unreal Skin equipped.


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added: in the normal star chart
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Does the first fix about loosing affinity on Nechramechs when extracting also solve the issue of loosing affinity on arcguns when extracting? Lost all my exp on my grattler and it was really demotivating xD

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14 hours ago, Mettallus said:

Can we please get a tactical UI map on Railjack fix so that it is static, not dynamic.  I.E. if you are piloting your ship and get a fire on the very bottom corner, the map will not show it because it is cut off. Please fix before Corpus Lich events start.


I second that!

Also very annoying when you can’t transport to the very top or bottom railjack locations because they are cut off. 

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20 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed equipping Unreal Skins to Kuva weapons overriding their stats to perform like their base version.

No wonder my flak cannon felt like garbage. However, now you have removed the flak fragments classic animation that came with this skin, PLEASE FIX.



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On 2021-01-12 at 1:06 PM, Argon-Queen said:

Cant get the umbral forma from Teshin this week, any reason why i cant see it? Anyone know why?

Please fix this issue as I know i'm not alone. We'd rather not wait another 8 weeks.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We're actively investigating this for a fix - more info to come. 

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The fix to not being able to use abilities or move has made things worse:

More frequently will I get locked out of ability use - IF I'm fortuneate I'm in operator and it fixes once an Orphix dies.  If I'm in Necromech Voidrig then it won't be able to use abilities for the remainder of the mission no matter what I do.  This is beyond frustrating. 

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Did one or two event missions yesterday, first one went well but just a few Orphixes 2nd one heres a list of bugs we got :

- I couldnt make ESC to work so no way to access menu

- One teammate couldnt use abilities (got fixed by switching operator) <- happened to me as well as almost at least 1 people in each squad I get into

- One couldnt see the minimap while being in operator

We finished the mission though so its ok.

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haven't see the fir for gladiator mods for a while....i mean plenty of people talk about it, so why do they fix Gara glass cosmetics instead of fixing real problems?


On 2021-01-12 at 9:47 PM, ClariSt021 said:

Please fix Gladiator mods set while use on baruuk.

Fix u get Gladiator buff stats while open arsenal on Simularcum, its not showed u get Combp multi but u get the stack buff and the buff it self.

Fix marker for phasic cells on OV, that not making sense its showed on left and while i going to it, its on right side.

(Btw thx for current update, really appreciate it)

been waiting on gladiator fix for a while especially for baruu ult, if u want check our post and leave a comment there too, it might help getting noticed by invisible DE....

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