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Massive FPS drops with the Kuva Drakgoon on uncharged shot

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So it is a bit expected for a slight fps drop when spamming uncharged shots with the Kuva Drakgoon, but I'm going from 300 FPS all the way down to 9 fps. 

This just happens with the Kuva variant, and only with uncharged shots. Of course, higher multishot will tank it even further. I'm currently using a rivened build on my Kuva Dragoon that in total gives me 38.0 multishot. 

It seems the more I spam, the lower and lower it gets. It's more of a gradual decrease, but it will eventually cause a single shot to drop me down so far. 


Edit: this happens with all shots with the Kuva Drakgoon, just keep shooting either uncharged or charged. They seem to have a separate progression for the FPS drops though (ex; can spam uncharged shots until fps drops, but then will have to also spam a few charged shots afterwards in order to get the same heavy FPS drop as the uncharged)

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I just did a test in the simulacrum and it's a weird bug, when you enter the room for the first time and start shooting everything seams fine but once you spawn the enemies and start to shoot them the FPS bug starts even if you decide to shoot the wall again afterward, I thought it could be something related to dynamic light bouncing from the bullets but I tested again with the option disabled and it still does the same, here is the video of the test.

Edit: forgot to add checking the performance in the task manager you would notice CPU usage spike each time you shoot once the FPS bug happens

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I have massive FPS drop if I use the Unreal skin on the Kuva Drakgoon, you know every pellet has a trail. This began to happen since the 29.6.6. hotfix.

The frame rate is limited to 144 and if i begin to go berserk with the gun the FPS goes down to 30 and the whole team notices the FPS drop when i am not even the host on the server.

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I've started annoying my friend with it just now and we can both confirm there are massive fps drops especially with the uncharged shot from drakgoon, charged too but not as much so.

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