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Help with Riven mod



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7 hours ago, Norvertton said:


I am really new in riven trading and can someone help me with price of this one? 

Simulor Ignides

Heat 113%

Status duration 114.5%

Is it even worth selling this? or i should re-roll this one


This is actually an ok riven, good for locking down an area from Infested, helping take down armor from Grineer and combined with the innate magnetic, is good for dealing with the Corpus. It's up to you whether you want to reroll/keep/sell.

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I find it to be baaad, sorry.

You want to have things like damage, multishot, crit damage and critshot (depending on the weapon). Elemental damage is ok in my book (not god-tier but usable), but status duration is... yaak... a nope.

I also don't see many Simulors running around. Was this a popular weapon, you'd be guaranteed to find someone who'll buy an unrolled riven and then roll it themselves. I don't particularly even recommend rerolling.


Good luck with rerolls or with your next rivens.

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