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Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.7 +

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vor 5 Stunden schrieb Soy77:

Guys, please do something with the launcher.

I keep getting stuck at "checking new contents". This never happened to me on previous updates. yet when i googled it, people way back from 2017 was having exact same problem with no definitive solution.

Yes, I've seen your faq on the site, on top of googling countless threads in this forum, and on steam's. I've tried everything with no result. Now I'm just letting it sit through days hoping that the problem miraculously sort itself.

Disappointing people who already hooked to warframe is one thing. But disappointing potential players who just downloaded the game is a whole different kind of blunder. Launcher is the gateway for these people.

Please rework your launcher.

You are not alone...


If router reboot fails, try using dx10, no bulk download and be superpatient (dx10 required me another 200MB @ a supersluggish dl rate). That worked at least for me. I was superlucky with this hotfix, but OV subversions 0-5 were causing me nightmares.

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1. since you nerf khora sometimes you can´t even hit enemies in front of you with wipclaw

2. give us the option to remove auto exposure and vignette effects they suck 

3.give us the option to keep the crystal armor on the gara kaleida skin or even better make the armor stand alone, and add the wings to the syandana

4.give us the option to keep xaku body on, the skeleton and the running animation look too dumb

5.you haven´t fix any of this textures https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1226120-ugly-dirty-and-weathered-textures/page/3/#comments

6.wisp "walking" sound not working

7. gauss feet are bug

8.nikana zaw holster style is bug

9.now that you kill steel essence farm, can you rollback the survival AI enemies just stand doing nothing 

10. broken acolyte spawn on kuva survival steel path

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6 hours ago, R4dioS1lence said:

Is there an update about when the trophies will be given out? I have 20k on the OV Endurance, as far as I know the randos I did it with used no exploits (at least the score is still there and I didn't receive any message saying my points weren't valid), and I only received the Terracotta, Bronze and Silver trophies (for Ghost Clan).

Have you built the Silver Trophy yet?

You should find you will then get an email awarding you the Gold Trophy.

I mention the above because that is what I encountered, I had the score but no Gold Trophy, I built Silver Trophy then the Gold Trophy was suddenly in my Email. (weird yes)

I thought I'd mention it if your problem was the same as mine.

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11 hours ago, --RV--Faras said:

I still see 40k scores tho

40k is possible, 45k is possible. anything past that point is exploiting. 45k is possible by killing every. single. F**kin sentient. which is a waste of time Imo, but all possible. 50k+ is not.


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  • Orphix undead mobs at gas city, not only nullificators
  • Orphix no mana load on HP down with mod
  • Orphix random necramech hinder and break the game, you need to change it as "X" to "Activate-Up-Them" like revieve
  • dojo 1fps bug
  • launch Orphix from relay give fps down -50% -70%
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17 hours ago, GentlePuppet said:

I would love for that to be a feature but I figure they don't for security reasons since our email is saved in a plan txt format.

There are lots of tools which can decode stored data, "security reasons" is absolutely irrelevant here. Also people who play at public places should know the risks quite well.
There is no reason, why WF shouldn't have ability to remember password and autologin immediately. It would be very helpful in case of constant hard locking bugs or after annoying updates.

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Could we get the Storm Shroud ability on the Voidrig to NOT deactivate when we transfer out? Kinda annoying to have to re-activate it every time we go back in. Especially considering how often we have to do it to strip sentient resistances.

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2 min ago

OV - bug

1. can't use Necramech skill. this means I also can't transfer out of Voidrig unless it destroyed

2. In the same mission (1), get host migration during extraction sequence then lost all rewards and scores.


I make me wonder what dose hotfix actually fix.  

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I'm glad DE is so concerned about scoreboard exploits. It shows they care. (Sarcasm)

Meanwhile, back in the outhouse things are piling up.

  • Operator/transference glitches into ally controlled mechs. Forces me to lose entire mission's worth of phasic cells, mission rewards, and affinity.
  • Fluctus weapon retains zero affinity earned after every mission.

My favourite frame Khora has been crippled. Vernari + Strangledome is nice... assuming I don't need to kill any enemies. Hey I have an idea, lets make all hit-scan, projectile, shotguns, beam-types, and bow-and-arrow weapons use the same "minimal" line-of-sight script that Khora uses! (More sarcasm)


star trek sausage GIFShould look like this.


  • Next stream DE_Megan, Danielle, Rebecca, Helen (whoever is there) should use Khora to run the sortie.
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Let's talk.  Let's specifically talk about the Railjack experience, now that there's significantly more than a year of it in-game.  It's related to that Nightwave stuff...and getting lucky with an affinity booster.


So....pop into a mission.  Cannot join a Gian Point mission, so I click on the join any crew....and wind up on Gian Point.  Wow....matchmaking is really great there.

Get into a mission.  Manage about 3 rounds fine.  Great, nearly a personal record.

Round four rolls around....and oh boy.  Let's talk but bullet point things.

  • You can be killed while boarding....because apparently your HP is invincible for a time but shields are not....and the explosion impacts the side of the ship and somehow still does AoE damage only to you.  Joy.
  • You can pop into the platform for a ship killer or missile platform, and have the waypoints simply busted.  Yep....hope those green doors actually open.
  • Speaking of actually opening, it's great to be locked out of progression because the door will not open.
  • But I hear you say the operator form will force find you, and work around the door.  That's great, if going operator doesn't teleport you from where you are to the start of the platform.  When you go back to warframe it's still where you were....what?
  • Oh joy, you have to hack a consoles.  At least there are two.  You kill enemies, line up, and try to start the hack.  Animation plays, parazon is stuck in, but no hacking event.  Press escape, and you can move again. Repeat with other console....and same fail.
  • Manage to get out of the platform and into space....and everyone has decided that it's the matrix.  Tether energy beams are stuck in space, bullets are simply suspended, and no enemies can be killed.  Well, we're screwed.
  • Host decides to perform a mercy kill.  Migration ensues.  Mission objectives pop up, if no other players do.  Doors work, enemies spawn, I can mercy kill my way through a sentient event.  Kill everyone, destroy the platform, board the anomaly, and kill everything...then nothing.  No mission end.  No spawning enemies.  No way to progress.
  • Force abort the mission.  Lose 4 runs of stuff, including anomaly shards, all of the collected scrap, some good avionics, and even Shedu parts.  F***.  


Note that the above is a single mission.  Let's talk about some of the other run bugs.

  • Floors....who needs them?  Let's start to phase through the railjack floors....because.
  • Dead crewship?  Hardly!  While trying to go operator form on a living crewship I'm teleported back to the ship.  Go back to warframe, and they're still there.  Huh?
  • Companions?  More like cannon fodder.  They die for no reason spawn back when they want to, and make a true case for kubrows and kavats being quantum animals.
  • Getting any damage causes a pain state...pain states negate any blink...this means that the infinitely homing enemy projectiles literally cannot be dodged once hit.  Combine this with a near constant flashing light saying incoming projectiles, no matter how close, and it's useless to be in archwing without invincibility.  Yeah....whomever thought that archwing in railjack was a good idea obviously also was the genius behind the Profit-Taker knock-downs.  That is to say, the mirror universe version of whomever decided the necramechs simply ignore knock-downs....and who conveniently has a goatee.
  • Instant death in archwing.  Better not respawn.  If you do the invincibility often doesn't last long enough to cover you from the gigantic glut of weapons fire that will follow and sometimes take your life a second time.


Let's also talk balance, because I don't think this is a bug.

Ship has about 5k health and 3k shields (not mine, so going from memory).  At 0 shields a hull rupture forms.  Patch it, and take two more hits.  Literally not out of the 5k range yet, and second rupture.  Patch that, and it's high 4k range....and another rupture.  Repeat for a total of 6 ruptures.  HP is now around 4k...and still taking damage.  No fires, no ruptures, no shorts.  3k...2.5k....1k....Finally, hit 0.  Big dangerous message.  Fine.  Patch.  No real issues, until 0 again.  Smack pilot in the head, because they parked on top of a platform and they can infinitely spawn damage.  Move ship off, and it regenerates.  Fly back into combat, after refilling resources.  Repeat the constant stream of patching until I just say screw it, leave the ship, and kill the crewships manually because the pilot jerks around so hard you cannot aim at the ships.

The above was frustration, but it was a small slice of the railjack experience today.  Yeah, it isn't the 3 fires, 2 shorts, and 2 breaches of the beginning....but that wasn't a lot worse.  The incentive now is to simply let the breaches go....because if you don't there'll be half a dozen more of them to deal with.  

Is this the railjack you want people to experience?  Remember, you increase the amount of resources, crafting quantities, and health of the thing as you grind up.  This means a new player will immediately eat a gigantic slice of garbage because they cannot craft enough resources fast enough, then it'll be all about the extremely limiting nature of the progression, in a team based game mode that is functionally dead most of the time.  You then round this out with a fully equipped ship...after literal days of grind....that seems held together with bailing twine, gasoline, and balsa wood.  This isn't really a power fantasy.


Now, the way to get around this is to meta.  Tether+missiles+dome charges.  Tether wipes fighters, missiles strip shields, and dome charges well aimed are a one-shot on crewships.  That means with an average of 10 intrinsics earned per run, and 4096 total intrinsics you've got to grind 410 missions to get all of the mastery rank bearing items.  It's actually significantly more, given the trek to get to Gian Point where you can power grind.

The above seems like a buggy mess.  It's more than 2.5 years old (still waiting to be picked up from the Orb Vallis surface like those cinematics), with more than a year in-game.  After all of that....we have exterminate missions...and that's it.  You're betting that the Corpus variant will fix things...but I'm missing the logic.  What exactly about the above is good?  It's not stability, variety, or challenge.  It's....help me here.  I'm at a loss to see why I should be hyped for Corpus railjack.  

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  • [DE]Megan changed the title to Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.7 +
On 2021-01-13 at 9:54 AM, staranow said:

Gonna be honest with you here. That sounds pretty normal for Bugframe

Yeah but we have to deal with it while i believe console will get the better version for a whole month.   That is not even close to fair. Unless there is a benefit like discounts it isn't fair. 

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On 2021-01-13 at 11:47 AM, [DE]Megan said:

Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.7

Operation: Orphix Venom Fixes:

  • Fixed Operation exploit (and disqualified scores that had been earned with it.)


  • Fixed a script error when casting Nova’s Antimatter Drop ability. 

  • Fixed Unreal Skin preventing Nightwatch Napalm Mod from functioning.

  • Fixed Necramechs not advancing the "Kill enemies with X Element" Nightwave Act.


Orphix Venom: Hotfix


  • Fixed a significant performance drop related to the Unreal Drakgoon Flak Cannon Skin projectile trails.

i cant join any group and cant inv anyone :/


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2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Orphix Venom: Hotfix is now live!


  • Fixed a significant performance drop related to the Unreal Drakgoon Flak Cannon Skin projectile trails.

Stahlta Shock Rifle Skin is broken. Charge shot do not explode on contact anymore

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Now the alt-fire on the Stahtla with the unreal skin doesn't explode :( I think it only deals the impact damage, not to mention prior to today's hotfix mirage prime's clones' Stahtla alt-fire didn't detonate either

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