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Orbiter decoration pack

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Ok, this is not properly a feedback, but i was taking my shower thinking about how could be interesting my orbiter if someone hear my idea.

Assumption: We are in a future when our Orbiter is not the ugly little Orbiter, but is totally customizable, with the possibility of insert new hallways, room, hall, laboratories etc... etc... and of course, decorate them, like it is our personal dojo.

Idea: create some "buildable decoration pack" for our orbiter wich unlock the ability to build some decoration infinite time (like in dojo, where you should just put them wheth the editor, and then use resources to build them). This pack cost platinum, and of course they should not contain the actual object in the market.

So... there could be infinite example here, but here i give some as idea:

-) Grineer Sealab Console Pack: ? plat - allow you to build 5 different console from sealab tyleset. Of course each of this 5 console could be builded infinite time (since room have enought space)
-) Earth Forest Fern Pack: ? plat - allow you to build 5 fern and bushes from earth tyleset
-) Scansionable Plants Pack: ? plat - alloy you to build the various plants ususally scanned by oxylus sentinel
-) Corpus Machinery pack 1: ? plat - a pack  with 10 different machinery from corpus tyleset
-) Corpus Machinery pack 2: ? plat - a pack  with 10 different machinery from corpus tyleset (different from the other pack)
-) Orokin filigree pack: ? plat - a set of 10 orokin filigree
-) Cetus Market Pack: ? plat - a set of X item and object you can see in the market around Cetus.
-) Grineer Regular Weapon Pack: ? plat - a pack of 10 grineer weapon to be palced in the orbiter (maybe sobek, ignis, hind etc....)
-) ...
Since now i've used pack with object already in the game; maybe theyr price in plat could be from low to medium, to high, depending on wich type of item are sold: Plants, rock, barrel and container and thing that ususally you could also use in dojo could have the lower price. Particular machinery, special item, or object that actual are not in dojo coud have a medium price, and decoration, effects, or "rare item" could have a high price.

I repeat this: you don't buy the item in the pack, but you buy the ability to build forever ind infinite time the item in the pack inside your orbiter. So, you don't buy a "grineer crate", but you unlock the ability to build iside your orbiter a "grineer crate" everytime you want  

But there could be a lot of more interesting and particular thing, that actually are not in the game that could be created specifically for this idea. Theyr price could be from high to extremely high and here some example:

-) Ancient Orokin Library pack: ? plat - a pack of 10 item, froom bookshelves to bookcases to different books, some open, some closed, etc...
-) Tenno forniture pack: ? plat - a set of 15 different forniture accessories Tenno style
-) Sentient machinery pack: ? plat - a set of 5 different machinery used by sentient
-) Old Temple decoration pack: ? plat - a set of decoration for a tenno-style temple
-) Hydroponic garden pack: ? plat - a set of item and plants used to create something like an hydroponic garden
-) etc... etc... etc....

As you can se, there could be an infinite ammount of combination and item.

Also with event and holidays, you can unlock some of this pack, i think a special halloween apck yith pumpkin and scary things, or a christmas pack with tres, presents and ather, etc... etc... etc....

Thx for read, and sorry for my bad english! 

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