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Resource share and auto-ping in regular map.

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I was playing my 10 mission on RJ and i've thinked about this: what if also in regular map the resources will be shared from player?

OK in the title i say 2 things, so here the two different point of this idea:

1) Resources, mod, endo, exp, and everything you collect in railjack, is shared from all player in the session. I propose to make the same also in regular mission. This will help especially low level player, cause a high rank tenno surely don't need that 1000 more nano spores, but a low level could be happy to find them

2) Auto-ping of item: for now is just limited to vitus essence, ayatan star and syndicate medallion, but could be used also for all those the resources that are not going to be shared (i'm thinking about ayatan sculpture, but i think there could be more)

OK... thx for read and sorry for bad english!

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Interesting.... 🤔...

I have another idea.... Let's give the player who pings Resources a bonus for every team mate that picks up a resource they marked...

No wait.... Not good enough...

Let's say that every body who picks up a marked Resource gets a bonus.....there...that's much better 😁.



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