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Yubo | The nomad |

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Name : Yubo

Gender : Male

Description : Agile and resilient, Yubo is a nomad who remained active after the Great War, and has developed the skills necessary to survive in most situations. If in danger, Yubo can recall his clan, which he has built up over the course of his existence.

Stats (r0)

Hp : 150

Shields : 125

Armor : 275

Energy : 150

Speed : 1.15

Passive : When attacked in close combat by an enemy, Yubo will parry the attack automatically, making the enemy vulnerable to execution for a few seconds.

Cooldown : 0.33 seconds

Vulnerability time : 3 seconds

Ability 1

Taking care of your weapons is essential to survive.

Yubo quickly cleans firearms, and sharpens melee weapons, improving their stats over a period of time.

Cost : 25 (reduce with efficiency)

Duration : 40 seconds (increase with duration)

Firearms buff : 15% precision | 45% reload speed | 75% bonus damage (increase with strenght)

Melee buffs : + 15% attack speed | + 50% wing-up | +2% base status chance (increase with strenght)

Ability 2

Sometimes, abilities aren't enough to survive, so bring gadgets with you.

Tap : Quickly switch between gadgets.

Hold : Use the selected gadget.

Cost : 25 (reduce with efficiency)

Dust granade : Throw a grenade full of, dust? Blinds enemies and reduces the performance of their weapons for a short time.

Range : 14 meters (increase with range)

Duration : 20 seconds (increase with duration)

Blind duration : 5 seconds (increase with duration)

Debuffs : -65% damage output | -35% precision (increase with strenght up to -95% damage output, and -145% precision)

Explosive decoy : Releases a hologram that acts as a decoy to lure enemies. If reactivated, or if it takes too much damage, the bait will explode, causing damage in a modest area.

Lure range : 50 meters (increas with range)

Lure duration : 30 seconds (increase with duration)

Lure hp : 3.500 (increase with strenght and armor)

Explosion range : 7 meters (increase with range)

Explosion damage : 275-1750 (65% explosive, 35% impact) (increase with strenght)

Caltrop : Release some of these affairs, which will stick under the feet of the enemies who walk over them, slowing them down, and damaging them with every step.

Caltrop number : 17 (increase with strenght and duration)

Slow effect : 8%/caltrop (increase with strenght)

damage : 85/step +85 each caltrop (65% puncture, 35% slash with 25% status chance) (increase with strenght)

Ability 3

Fire has always been considered a sign of hope ... and destruction

Create a small bonfire, which will heal and transmit safety to anyone who is nearby, increasing their defenses.

By loading the skill, you will improve the range and effect of the bonfire.

Cost : 50 (reduce with efficiency)

Duration : 30 seconds (increase with duration)

Range : 15 meters (increase with range)

Healing : 5% ally hp+ 20hp/s (increase with strenght)

Defence bonus : +50% damage reduction (increase with strenght up to 90%)

Hold bonus : +50% ability strenght | +100% ability range (cannot increase/decrease)

Hold time for max bonus : 3 seconds (cannot increase/decrease)

Ability 4


I think I need a little help.

Call your clan, to help you by attacking enemies, and reviving you and any allies on the ground.

Cost : 100 (reduce with efficiency)

Duration : 60 seconds (increase with duration)

Clan members : 6 (increase with strenght)

Damage : 225 range (45% puncture, 17% impact , 38% slash) (increase with strenght)

                175 melee ( 63% slash, 10% impact, 27% puncture) (increase with strenght)

Attack speed : 1.83  (increase with strenght)

                        2.27  (increase with strenght)

Attack range : 50 meters ranged (increase with range)

                        3 meters melee   (increase with range)


Signature weapon

Name : (?)


Description : Very accurate semi-automatic rifle, with moderate recoil and good damage. It features a 3.5x fixed zoom viewfinder to hit distant enemies with greater accuracy. When held by Yubo, the rifle becomes muted.


Precision : 160

Magazine size : 14

Max ammo : 168

Reload speed : 2.3 seconds

Fire rate : 2.87/s

Critical chance : 27%

Critical damage : 3.1x

Status chance : 24%


Damage : 149 ( 79 slash | 40 puncture | 30 impact )

Alternative fire 

Add a scope with 3.5x zoom

Zoom bonus : + 50% critical chance on headshot



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