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The Master Race - Calling All Loki Warframes! [Full]


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Are you an avid user and fan of Loki? Well, a fellow Tenno by the name of Hayden11121 made a clan called "The Master Race" which is just right for you.


Anyone, experienced or new, can join. This clan is to have fun with our favorite frame. It's to get away from the nukers, the Rambo crowd, and the general chaos of the spamming classes all while enjoying the class we love in a friendly environment tailored to us.


If you have any questions, message Hayden11121 or myself. We are starting out small, and looking for a maximum of 10 people at the moment, but we are expecting to expand very soon.

And always remember, Loki's The Master Race!


Screenshot time!







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you see... im a bit confused here.

in the title you say "master race" but then you say loki...

obviously this is just a joke thread and should not be taken in any other light.

after all, we all know saryn is the one true master race.


saryn. master. race.


Oh, I get it. You've got the two frames mixed up?


This is Loki, his name isn't Saryn.




This is Saryn.




Glad to have cleared that up for you :)

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