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Dark Sector, And Warframe... Optional Finisher Moves On Bosses.


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Sure add a finisher move to sneak killing even though it doesn't work on high level enemies... but along time ago on Dark Sector you had a system of finisher moves being used on nearly dead enemies, and made it mandatory to use them on bosses. What if in Warframe you made it optional to use it on bosses?


I know this is abit in the lines of

-losing control of your character

-too much work for the developers

-animations for each weapon

-animations for each warframe

-How many would really use it?


Yeah I know what your all thinking going to jump me, but hear me out. Sure brought up many times in feedback, and was brought up to an insane level on general discussion to the point its now been forgotten because well everyone is satisfied, or doesn't care anymore about sneak attacks.


So what if as the boss is near death they start to flash red giving the signal for a finisher move. Now if your in a team you may just mow him down with all your powers, and weapons, but if your alone like solo maybe you want to make this interesting... maybe you want a fancy finisher move.


So you run up you hit the special button... and WITHOUT using your own gear. Your tenno will begin to kill the enemy using their bare hands... whether its disarming them like taking Vor's sword and decapitating him. Taking Hek's shot gun and shooting him in the face. pulling out a detonator from out of your hand(like reverse de-materializing it the same way you do hostages, and items) and shoving it into Phorid's body with your bare hand as you punch so hard it enters through its skin(thanks to all your shooting, and slashing) allowing you to place the detonator and jump away as it explodes. The exploding may be done for Lephantis as well. Maybe your fighting a mech like Jackal so instead you leap on top of it and since you shot at it enough times its armor would be weak enough to smash your hand into it and then tear out certain special part which kills the machine.


Just one fancy animation used every time for the finisher on said boss. Just for fun, and completely optional.


What do you all think on that?

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Making it optional is smart. Making it a bare hands execution is brilliant.


As for the losing control of your character thing, a good number of the Ultimate abilities already do that. Volt's Overload, Nyx's Absorb, and most of all, Ash's Blade Storm, all have long periods of time where the player is out of control of the Warframe. So either that's not an issue, or it needs to be fixed with some or all of them (since it works well on Nyx, but is detrimental to Volt and Ash).


But hell yeah, I'm all for tearing apart bosses with our bare hands.

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