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Sanctuary Onslaught colors desaturated


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I was working in Onslaught Sanctuary, I was in a squad, which was visually missing on the right, and my vision suddenly went black and white, sometimes back to normal, with colors still visible, but overall weird. This lasted until the end of the mission. Apologies for the pictures blocking parts of the recording--I was rushing to get it recorded, not thinking of visuals.

As seen here:


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Till today it happened only in SO/ESO, few zones alright, then one or two monochrome, then back to normal. Today it happened in sortie. At the beginning I was thinking it was some weird easter egg, but now I'm 99% sure it's not.

1) "Normal" viewunknown.png?width=1191&height=670

2) After catching focus, standing on shooting line of energy weapon (like Bubonico), or meeting Arson Eximus/Heavy Gunner with fire ability. Colors are like below, lasting for 2-3 seconds, then going back to as visible in 1).unknown.png?width=1189&height=670

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The issue is caused by Colour Correction option in the new beta rendering engine. Disable it and you get "normal" colours.

The effect is too aggressive, distorting completely the colours and lightning of the areas in some situations. I was going to report it but found this thread and I'm going to post there.



Cryogenic Leakage effect. Nearly impossible to see enemies and my shadows in some areas.


Standing in a dark area near an area with light. Excessively strong effect, blinding and annoying.

This option is also culprit in this issue: 


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Adding more information.
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So I bullet jumped through a bunch of fiery explosions in some Grineer Shipyard tile in regular Sanctuary Onslaught and color correction decided that I should no longer see colors:

As I asked in this video's filename (what.webm), what?

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I'm not sure if this bug is being addressed, but I have been farming for Khora and I get the desaturated zones about every other run, mostly starting with zone 4, although not always. Never has it been desaturated from the beginning, though. The intro tile (where Simaris is talking to you) and the first zones are always fine. Once it starts, however, it does not return to normal until after the mission ends. Also, as I think is stated above (so I can confirm), the HUD colors are fine (health bar, damage numbers, et cetera) - it's just the environment. I'm running Windows 10 on a home-built PC with a Radeon video card, HDMI output to a TV, with the latest Hotfix (29.8.1).

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