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The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend. Why We Protect Them?


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Is it because we want to become friends with our enemies? YES. Because we WANT to become their friends. Why? They both hate, they both want to kill us. Why help them? Why be their friends?




Along time ago the Sentient got into a war with the Orokin. The only way for the Orokin to win was to send out the infested, but this led to their downfall. Why did they put us in stasis? Were we sacrificing ourselves, did the Orokin know they were going to lose.


I think they knew they would die. They knew this was it. That's why they moved everything into the void, or vaults. That's why we were put in stasis and hidden.


That's why we have a clone army, and a droid army.


Maybe MAYBE the Orokin were not situated for all out war. They were an economy of peace keepers, or enforcers... not warlords. Not armies. The Tenno were small in number as well. They may have been as big as all the police enforcers in the world put together in one number. Even if you had every police officer from around the world it still wouldn't be enough to fight a war all across the solar system.


You have to remember the Solar system is huge. Even earth is tiny, and the travel time between each planet takes forever. Even with a Solar rail system I have a feeling there was still a lot of work involved. They couldn't all keep peace on each planet, defend each planet, fight on all planets at the same time. They are not big enough military wise.


So they were put into stasis. I have a feeling the Orokin purposely left clues behind for the Corpus, and Grineer to be BORN... They are not just chance, but on purpose. Now the Sol System has TWO armies the Corpus, and the Grineer... then the infection but that isn't an army but a weapon, and they are endless as long as food still exist.


This Clone army, and droid army, coupled with the Tenno is truly a force to reckon with one that may have been planned by the Orokin as the defense force of the Sol system. The Tenno currently act as wards to keep the balance and prevent one faction from destroying the other. All in a waiting game... a wait for the sentient to return and attack once more. A threat from outside of the Solar system couldn't have been destroyed that easily. There may be more of them outside the Sol system. Waiting, and planning their next attack. Its even possible they FEAR the Infested. We have to protect the Grineer, and Corpus... and wait for our deeply hated enemies... the Sentient.

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I thought it was to maintain balance between both sides but okay, let's be friends.

We can't fight the ultimate threat to our solar system alone... we need to find some form of common ground with them in order to fight along side them.

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Alliance with Grineer is alliance of convenience. Grineer want to kick Corpus &#!, Tenno want to free other Tenno from Corpus. That's all there is to it. We look after our own, let the colonies fend for themselves.

So when the Sentient that may have slaughtered millions of our kind, was a cause in the destruction of the Orokin, and will most assuredly obliterate our entirely solar system your just going to sit there and die from the sentients? Sure you do that while I take on the ultimate threat.

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the enemy of my enemy does not fit this situation.

on the one hand, 1 of our enemies is planning on killing fellow tenno to make stronger weapons, that they will one day use on us and everyone else.

on the other, we have a militaristic society that will enslave/kill innocent people if we allow them to do so... but we will save some of our fellow tenno.


we are not seeking to be their frineds, nor do we even care about being on anyones good side... we fight for our fellow tenno.

we fight for our own kind.

no matter how kind of a people we are, no matter how much we seek to balance things between the waring factions... we can not willingly allow the death of our comrades.


/in character speech


really though, screw the grineer and corpus.

only helping the grineer cause its the lesser of two evils imo (though may will argue).

the battle pay being in their favor did help a bit too...

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If there is a bigger threat to come, that is capable of exterminating both, Grineer and Corpus, they soon would realize said danger. After all they are no dumb. The tenno will most likely be the catalysts for the big union against whatever may come. But we can't estimate that yet, because we don't know, as tenno, that there is a bigger threat from the outside. When the need for a big union is there, I am sure everyone will do what it takes.


As for now, Corpus are about to become the biggest force in our solar system, once they aquire hidden tenno technology. This will enforce them beyond the tenno grasp. We just cannot let our secrets become known if we wish to continue bringing balance between both factions. One the other hand, a stronger grineer is the lesser evil. In the end, both factions hate us and want to get rid of us. Yet two Grineer Masters are still not able to handle us. One tenno can achieve such great doings, that we cannot allow this power to fall into corpus hands. At least not until it is needed against the possible oter threat.

We can handle the grineer even after their increase in influence, due to the strenghtening of our force with the newly found tenno, but will be be able to handle corpus technology, paired with our own power?

So in my opinion, the grineer are the lesser evil. And as for slavery and such, I would not belive corpus greed will deal with people in much kinder way.

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Interesting theory on a reason for the existence of the Grineer and Corpus. Another game I've played called Etrian Odyssey 4 had utilized that story element to a certain extent, minus the warring between races, and the situation is fairly plausible here. It would certainly give validation to the official Tenno position of pragmatic neutrality in any case, as well as why Lotus is interested in keeping the status quo. If this theory proves true, I'd have quite a bit more respect for DE where the lore is concerned.

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