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The Light / Dark Meter looks awful right now? (nevermind they fixed it)

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So this is just a tiny, insignificant gripe about something barely noticeable and there are much more important things that needs to be dealt with but a friend of mine pointed out that the Light/Dark meter in the profile looks awful now.. it seems like there was a half-assed attempt at making the "Dark" side be transparent but if you keep your eyes on it for more than a moment while stuff animates behind it you can see it's splotchy and poorly done.. I'm just.. confused as to why and whom decided it was a good idea to make it transparent and more importantly who actually tried and made it splotchy and specked like that?

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even DE forgot it exists. choices in the quests never had any real weight anyway (just minor dialogue changes), but it would be ncie if we ataully did get proper choices with actual consequences. unfortunately though, writing is hard enough with a linear story that's just beginning > middle > end, never mind one where you have to write it so that it makes sense for multiple choices and dialogue options. 

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Imho it shares the same space with "stealth" in warframe: dead and forgotten.

I'm sure it started as a great idea. Mass effect was probably still huge when they implemented it. But whatever they decide to do with it in the future will piss off plenty of players. So many people never know the meaning of their choices, and if suddenly they have consequences, people will be mad.

If DE decide to give the choices some weight, at the very least they should allow people to retake it when we replay the quests.

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