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Date Announce: Devstream #151 on Jan. 29.

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Can we get a huge QoL update before releasing any more new content?

I feel like there are a lot of frames that need reworks and/or adjustments to be fun.  In my opinion, some of the best frames kit design-wise in the game right now are Harrow and Ivara.  Granted, Ivara's kit may not mesh super well in itself, but she's a walking Swiss Army Knife.  Much like Harrow, her Augments are amazing in what they do.  They're more radical changes while Harrow's are more like buffs, but they're still really good.

Banshee is the frame most in need of help right now.  Her augments are pretty much NECESSARY to make her good.

I also think Lavos needs a bit of a rework because his 3 is seemingly intended to be used to get your abilities back to being usable quicker, but by the time I've mixed everything and done everything, the only ability left on cooldown is his 4, and a lot of enemies have already died to his 1 and 2.  I just don't feel like his kit is usable to its fullest potential.

I also want to see a lot of weapon rebalances.  It's hard for me to come to terms with the fact that we do need some weapons that are just "use 'em and lose 'em" for the Mastery, but I want to see weapons with alternate fires and innate elemental damage and unique abilities made more viable WITHOUT NEEDING RIVEN MODS OR A TON OF FORMA.  It gets boring having to Forma and use the same weapon over and over again just to even TRY and make it viable or fun, or to bring out its full potential.  Needing 2-3 Formas to bring out a weapon's full potential?  Absolutely fine.  Needing MORE than that? Too much.  There needs to be something in place like the bonus damage to Sentients the Paracesis gets.  Kuva Weapons and Necramechs don't get any of that, and since I intend to keep any weapon that I would consider "unique" or "special," I'm going to use a Catalyst on it.  Sometimes that's overkill, and sometimes I STILL NEED A BUNCH OF FORMA.  Also adjustments for innate abilities.  The Pyrana Prime and the weapons released with Inaros have very little duration for their special abilities while the Athodai got a massive 10 seconds.

I also want to see a lot of mod rebalances because there are many that, at least to me, are useless compared to other mods I could use (for example, any of the faction-specific damage-increasing mods or the elemental resistance mods, a lot of the Exilus mods, etc.).  Specifically, I'd like to see the Set mods given another look.  Most of them are either too costly in that they take up valuable space on multiple pieces of equipment (the first four 6-mod sets, as well as the three Vallis 4-mod sets), are only useful in specific areas of the game (the 3-mod sets introduced with the Gas City tileset rework), or are too weak for the effort needed to get all the pieces (the Deimos 3-mod sets, ESPECIALLY THE JUGULUS SET).

This is more minor, but I'd like to see a coloring rebalance as well.  Gives us the ability to copy weapon colors onto our Warframes, give us the option to swap, for example, our Primary and Secondary color on something without having to favorite the colors first, or go into the pickers at all.  Also, I think we could use a few more color separations, and some name shifting.  There are plenty of frames where the color designated as "Primary" is NOT the color that is most obvious or covers most of the frame.  A good example is the "Primary" color for Gara's deluxe skin.

Finally, but what should probably be focused on the most, is grind reduction and drop table de-cluttering.  Yes, I know that's how games like this work.  Most of the games I play involve heavy grinding, but I shouldn't be getting mods like Redirection as a reward from Hydron when a) most players have many copies of that mod by that point in the Star Chart, and b) it prevents me from getting the things that I'm trying to get, like relics.  It's pretty much punishing me for having gotten as far as I have while also forcing me to do more of something that can already be boring and monotonous.


Thank you very much to all the people who read through my long ramblings

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10 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

If we go more than an hour, it'll be worth it. Underpromise, overdeliver. 

Are you actually going to say that with your track record? Nemesis, Deimos, Railjack, Nightwave being short?  Maybe no promises since it seems it is hard to make good on any promise.

Also what people said is true that you are not going to give us less alerts so maybe add more in at the same time or just every 2 weeks give out an alert to thank the players that have stuck around.


1 hour ago, PikachuCreeper said:

why must it be on a Wednesday, I'm busy all day. I can't watch

Umm the 29th is a Friday.



9 hours ago, (PSN)newbreedofhater said:

Oh that probably when concole will finally get to play the new update thats ending for pc smh 

 You should be thanking the pc players for their sacrifice being your beta testers.  We suffer without extra rewards to give you guys a better experience.

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4 hours ago, (PSN)slightconfuzzled said:

- I know he is not the next Prime, but Nidus Prime should be on the horizon, so we should get more info on Cyst Prime, and how/whether Nidus Prime will be able to infect other Frames with a new Cyst Prime. 

That would be a really interesting thing to implement actually! A Cyst Prime could in fact lead to a Helminth Charger Prime; The first Primed Animal Companion (Aside from Venari Prime maybe, if she happens beforehand).

  • Hypothetically, if a frame got innoculated by the Helminth from getting re-infected by the cyst already, there'll have to be some thoughts regarding how people can get a Helminth Charger Prime. Perhaps only a regular Nidus can be re-infected by that, or maybe only Prime frames can get the Primed Cyst? Otherwise, as soon as Nidus Prime comes, everyone in contact with one would be able to get a free HCP.
    • I'd almost think that there could even be unique armor for it, made in advance for when a theoretical Helminth Charger Prime is widespread.
  • Although on a separate note; It would be great if companion armor can be made into separate sections (Such as Torso, Head, tail, etc.). The only reason why I don't use the Kavasa Prime armor is because it's all equipped simultaneously, without any option to select individual sections to use (Which you can do for Sentinels). I'd rather not be covering up my Companion's face, personally (So they can see!), but the armor does look very nice in and of itself.


On a different matter;

As a future Devstream topic, if Necramechs are ever updated again to have passives (I still think it would be good, even though Orphix Venom is mostly over on PC), I think this would be a great idea. It would certainly reduce the need to restore the functionality of various Healing Methods in the process (If they were never considered a bug-turned-feature).

  • A few other suggestions I recall seeing for Necramechs outside of my thread:
    • Similar to what some have said for Warframes, it would help to have a hold-jump to jump higher function. It may be old, but one game I know where that was built-in was The Incredibles. It couldn't be that hard to implement, I don't think.
      • It might even allow you to reach the regular max jump height if your Sentinel has the Anti-Grav Array mod, for one thing. You'd be able to do small jumps for smaller areas, and keep the big jumps for when they're needed.
    • Having the Necramech Crosshair utilize negative colors, based on whatever is on-screen in your environment. Alternatively, maybe you can just add a dark shadow to the bottom-half of the white / yellow crosshair (For shooting in the Orb Vallis!) so that there's black-on-white; Creating an on-screen contrast no matter what colors are present.
      • To be specific, by shadow I mean adding / changing the pixels of the crosshair, so that the bottom half of every line (Or the sides of the crosshair while aiming) is a darker color, vs the bright white colored pixels.
    • Otherwise, as far as Healing goes, I think it would be important someday to have a real talk about Mech Survivability (Preferably a thread or Devstream topic). I'm sure it didn't go unnoticed as to how important healing is for things, and there have been countless suggestions on how to improve it, aside from my own via Voidrig's Necraweb.

      Since the introduction of Necramechs and Deimos, things like the Rejuvenation Aura and other things that healed them were never mentioned quickly after on how that wasn't intended / shouldn't have happened, let alone why. But they were left in-game all the way until Orphix Venom, and without much detail behind the removal. I don't feel like there's anything game-breaking about bringing something to heal Necramechs if you just want to keep yourself alive longer, and of course no one was forcing anyone to bring a Healing thing (Aura, frame ability, etc.), however those were simply available options. But there's not much else to rely on these days unfortunately, if you want to top off your HP.
      • There's still the bug where Health Orbs don't work all the time (Health claims to be full at the bottom of the screen regardless of your current Mech HP), so I think fixing that would be helpful too. None of this is a complaint, but just some issues / ideas that I felt should be mentioned.


Thanks for hearing me out on all that; I'm looking forward to seeing the Devstream :]

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much appreciated,.. but there has still been not enough attention to simple underlying issues,.. fortuna,.. as well as many other things,.. vets like me,.. we crush your steel path,.. we want challenge,.. not bottle fed,.. there are things we require for quality of life as the vets are what keep warframe alive,.. new players are intimidted by the journey from mr1-9 or 10,.. then,.. even by the time yu have a few frames someone has given you the keys to the cadillac for what...im can only speak from my own expeiences, but,.. simple things we need for quality of life would be :

-i-p-s mods, (negative ips mods).

 more elements,.. (gravity mainly would open up a whole new can of worms).

ANOTHER SLOT! (dedicated for your choosing).

stop making warframes,.. make new POWERS!!! (WE CHANGE THE FRAME ANYWAY ).

more helminth,... the main key to this games survival will be customizability.

yu have more game already programmed,.. you guys n gals just maybe dont see the whole 360.. im just an old man though who loves games, and have been here since day 1.

ive watched you guys grow from inception,.. your community in its entirety has your back,.. but,.. listen to us more,.. listen to who matters,.. which at the end of the day is all of us,.. but,.. your veterans should come first,.. the day you give us real challenge,.. is the day we bow to you,.. until then,.. i as well as my alliance will continue to crush your game(btw im the octoframe guy).

i have suoght an audience with yu on numerous occassions only to be laughed at as if we arent serious,.. we.. so are.. to some of us,.. (including me) with corona and whatnot,.. this might be ALL we have,.. so it should be imperative to fix the things that could say,.. see your servers lose 10k veterans in 48 hours, which could be damaging to the grofit,..(and trust i love the grofit), theres nothing i enjoy more after a hard days work than blowing off the faces of grineer or corpus until im blue in the face, i married a woman i met through this game,. and now her only tombstone resides in my clans dojo,..(inkflowsthrume-Hildryn Expert Level), for some of us,.. this might be all we have in this ever changing world..so expand your horizons with the utmost possibilities,..

your have shown that your community can grow with you,.show us.. that you can do the same,.. what rewards do vets really get? thee feel good of giving someone every mod they need to be a god by mr 10?, just me alone.... i could give you 56 noted and detailed things that would change they state and playability of this entire game,.. and,.. im sure increase the grofit margin,.. without harming the player base,.. my email is public knowledge,.. and im friends with some DE xbox players,.. im not even a programmer,.. but imagination is the key,.. this game has 360 degrees of possibilities,.. some you know,. some you dont,.. and,.. im also in the market for a new from home job,.. if your interested in what i have to offer,.. let me know.

how can people switch warframe abilities,.. before they can auto slot an ayatan,.. we love you guys... but seriously,.. can we FIX,... REWORK,.. with whats there.. stop falling victim to the have it now whats new syndrome,.. we dont need that,.. you guys do a PHENOMINAL JOB,.. but.. in count.. your almost 3 years behind on primes,.. as well as market   issues,.. there are people out here,.. expericenced people,.. gamers,. that are wanting to extend their hand, ive perosonally brought 50+ people to this game, and months in,.. im defending things, that i really shouldnt have to be,..to the point where its frustration,.. 63 active clans in our alliance,.. we dont want to lose to destiny,.. at one time,.. we were #1,.. what happend...#CRIMSONLEGION


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On 2021-01-15 at 6:06 PM, AuroraSonicBoom said:

Sad to see biweekly devstreams go. Don't really thing it'll help improve your productivity, tho.

Did you actually read what they said?


On 2021-01-16 at 8:02 AM, Deminisis said:

I hope this isn't some sign of fewer content releases. As long as its a meaty stream, (and not another boring sound team showcase) then I don't mind.

This game has the worst community

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4 hours ago, Deminisis said:

I hope this isn't some sign of fewer content releases. As long as its a meaty stream, (and not another boring sound team showcase) then I don't mind.

Less new content wouldn't be necessary as much as a bad thing you think it would be. Who knows...  Maybe by not focusing on new content that will mean they can focus on certain bugs that has been in dire need of fixing, (Not everyone like restart their game/pc or find a way around X thing that happened by either jumping off a cliff or letting their poor Frame die).

They've gave us plenty of content last year and I'm still trying to do everything: From getting everything from the 6 Syndicates to Focus farming, Mastery ranking up and gathering all the mods, scanning all the things n'stuff: There's plenty to do... (Well, at least for me there's ton. Maybe I'm a bit completionist tho 🤔.)

If it's any reassuring; I think they just want to make gather more info over the month to tell us what we are to expect next. Instead of doing many Devstream that has less information and more gameplay. (Gonna miss the jokes and the playing around but I think people that are there for the Devstream might potentially be more "serious" in a sense and want information about the next wave of content more than jest which I understand in a way..)

And I saw some people worry about the Gift of the Lotus: (I'm not sure anyone might read this but... Without trying I'll never ever know so let's toss the dice and hope for the best!) Gift of the Lotus were already very few in between to be honest. What I'm trying to say is: Not every single Devstream was accompanied by a Gift of the Lotus, maybe this time since it's less often we might be more likely to get them however... (Which if you ask for my personal opinion, I'd say I'd rather have a 100% Gift of the Lotus once a month, than a "maybe" I'm going to get one each 2 weeks. But then again I'm also not expecting gifts all the time. If a friend give you gifts everyday they eventually loose their meaning..)


To anyone that read my... Well, maybe a bit too long reply/comment: Thank you and I hope it helped/made you feel a little bit better!

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On 2021-01-15 at 7:20 PM, Katinka said:

I'd actually say 4 is about average for a year.  We've had 3 years that brought us 3 (2016, 2017 & 2020) and the rest of the years have all given 4 or more (8 in 2012, 9 in 2013, 5 in 2014, 6 in 2015, 4 in 2018 (not including Excalibur Umbra) and 4 in 2019).  If we discount 2012 (closed Beta) and half of 2013 (first 4 are Dark Sector concepts reworked) then that still leaves the average being just above 4.

Very true, though I dont count the first 2 years. I looked back at the recent years and I flat out forgot some of the frames. Still, 4 in a year such as 2020 seemed very unlikely given the circumstances and this was also a year that gave us a quest based frame aswell as a community based one along with someone with a new casting system.

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If it's going to be one hour per month I hope you at least ask the guys to try not to fool around as much since that takes up a surprising amount of devstream time. Nothing more disappointing then waiting a month for information and then seeing a bunch of time wasted on bad jokes and laughing.

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Garuda deserves a buff in my opinion, one good advice i had to witness back when i played destiny 1.

Stop nerfing good weapons, and start buffing worse weapons, there will be a bigger varioty of usefull weapons. 

Same with Warframes, frames like Garuda deserve a buff. But that doesnt mean other aoe dmg dealing frames need a nerf, no thats the wrong answer. Garuda should get a fix number of dmg on her 1, so she would be viable in low lvl missions as in high lvl missions. She would maybe be usefull in the role she does. I hope that she will get that buff when she comes as a prime frame. Imagine if all frames would be good, in that role they are suppose to do. Than you would have more options to play and it wouldnt get so boring after a while, wich means, players will stay longer. Octavia should theoretically get released in 9 days, + or -, so im looking forward to this. 

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Wraithe has been my most anticipated frame to be added ever since I saw his ability kit from liger's artstation post. While I understand that Changes were probably made to the frame, I really hope his 1,2 and 4 will still be for the most part the same. They were really cool. Also, really hope his signature weapon is still going to be added. Getting some assassin's creed phantom blade vibes from it.

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21 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

If we go more than an hour, it'll be worth it. Underpromise, overdeliver. 

      LOL. I am both terrified and cautiously optimistic. I also hope we will get more info/timeline on the Corpus Queenpins (weapons, ephemera, etc), Command Intrinsic, and new Corpus Railjack maps. I'm kinda hoping for rank 4 (or higher) Railjack components and armaments.

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19 hours ago, (XBOX)THUNDAKATT707 said:

When we will get Orphix venom on console it’s almost over on pc and we don’t even have it yet

you will have it for the whole month, as pc has

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