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Weapon lord necramech concept

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Name :(?)

Description : Very heavy Necramech, which compensates for the lack of mobility, with its multiple built-in weapons, and offensive and defensive abilities, which allow it to dominate the battlefield, and kill any enemy at any distance.

Stats (rank 0)

Hp : 1.200

Shields : 1000

Armor : 750

Energy : 0

Speed : 0.90

Ability 1

Shoot the cannon you built into your right arm. The cannon fires a heavy but fast explosive shot, which explodes over a considerable radius, dealing a good amount of damage, and leaving behind a trail of incendiary material.

Cooldown : 3 seconds (reduce with efficiency)

Damage : 950 (100% blast) (increase with strenght)

Radius : 12 meters (increase with range)

Incendiary material duration : 12 seconds (increase with duration)

Dps : 325 (100% fire) (increase with strenght)

Ability 2

Extend the shield you incorporated onto your left arm. The shield is modest in size, and it can't protect you 100%, but it can repel some hits, and its sharp edge can be used to hurt enemies.

Cooldon : 5 seconds (reduce with efficiency)

Blocking angle : 115° (cannot increase/decrease)

Shield durability : 1.500 (increase with strenght and armor)

3 seconds invulnerabiity (cannot increase/decrease)

275 damage ( 100% slash ) with melee attack while this shield is active (increase with strenght and melee damage)

Ability 3


It continuously burns your fuel to improve your movement and weapon performance. The heat produced will ignite the enemies that attack you at close range.

Cooldown : 10 seconds (decrease with efficiency)

Consume 5% max fuel/second (decrease with efficiency)

Movement speed bonus : +0.25 (increase with strenght)

Weapon buffs : +25% fire rate | + 25% reload speed | +15% bonus damage (100% fire) (increase with strenght)

Ignite enemies in 3 meters range (increase with range)

Ignite dps : 275 (100% fire) (increase with strenght, reduce with efficiency)

Ability 4

Tap : Switch between the 3 built-in weapons available (Assault Rifle-> Double Shotgun-> Rocket Launcher).

Hold : Replace your weapon currently in use, with the built-in resolute weapon.

Cooldown : 10 seconds (reduce with efficiency)

All weapons can be modded separately, using archgun mods.

Assault rifle : Totally automatic and very precise, it boasts a very low recoil, thanks to its weight. Its magazine is large, and fires high-caliber rounds, specifically designed to penetrate armor. It has a secondary fire mode, which allows you to fire multiple bullets at the same time, and activates a scope to identify and attack enemies from a distance.


Type : Automatic assault rifle/semi-automatic sniper rifle

Automatic rifle stats

Precision : 40

Fire rate : 11.00


Magazine size : 220

Reload time : 5 seconds

Multishot : 1.0

Critical chance : 24%

Critical damage : 2.3x

Status chance : 26%

Damage : 204 (60 slash |128 puncture |  16 impact)

Sniper mod Stats

Critical chance : +8%

Status chance : -2%

Critical damage : +1.0x

Damage : 22x (4.488/shot)

Consume 22 ammo/shot

Fire rate : 0.55

Zoom : 3.5x

Precision : 250


Double shotgun : Compact and used in pairs, these shotguns are devastating from close range, but useless from high range. Used in pairs, they are able to fire quickly, and are particularly effective in tight places, or against fast and / or flying enemies.


Type : Duble shotgun

Precision : 9.1

Fire rate : 4.00


Magazine size : 48

Reload time : 3 seconds

Multishot : 14.0

Fall-off : 30-60

Critical chance : 36%

Critical damage : 3.0x

Status chance : 7%

Damage : 1477,5 ( 105.5/buckshot | 50 shalsh | 30 impact | 25.5 puncture )

Rocket launcher : Big and heavy, it leaves no way to any enemy. Its blast radius is large enough to involve entire groups of enemies. It has a feature that allows you to switch between free-fire mode, to a lock-on mode, ideal against fast enemies.


Type : free-fire rocket launcher with lock-on possibility

Precision : 100

Fire rate : 1.00

Projectile speed : 45m/s


Magazine size : 8

Reload time : 6 seconds

Multishot : 1

Critical chance : 12%

Critical damage : 2.3x

Status chance : 50%

Direct damage : 55 ( 100% impact )

Area damage : 13.710 ( 3710 impact | 5790 blast | 4210 fire )

Area damage radius : 9 meters

Fall off : 4.5-9 maximum 50%

Lock-on a maximum of 8 enemies (increase with magazine capacity)

For any doubts / concerns / questions or advice regarding balances / changes, write in the comments. Also write if you have a nice name in mind, which nobody comes to mind to me.

Have a good day/afternoon/evening/night :D

Edited by Enderman20
Buffed exalted weapons (a huge buff)
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Seems like an interesting concept, however the exalted weapons need a zero or two added to that damage(especially the shotguns, it would be logical for a mech-mounted gun to be stronger than a tigris). Would be cool to see implemented, but also seems a bit difficult to create/ballance with 3 fully-moddable exalted weapons.

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13 hours ago, JimmuTanno88 said:

the exalted weapons need a zero or two added to that damage


I upgraded the weapons with increased damage (2x assault rifle, added 5 buckshot to shotguns for over 50% bonus damage, and put 10x damage to rocket launcher), thanks for the comment.


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