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Problems with Inaros


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Here we are again with yet another complaint about Inaros, but rather than the usual "Inaros bad" or "Inaros needs a rework" it's actually much different.

So recently I was doing a survival run in Mot and I did the thing that Inaros players aren't supposed to do: enter bleed out. And a usual, I bled out. It's less of a problem with Inaros, and more of a problem with True Damage. True Damage is supposed to ignore enemy armor, however while this is the case, the damage dealt by Inaros' Gaze while in bleed out absolutely has to scale with enemy level rather than ability strength. His passive only works constantly up to level 15 and that's WITH 230% Ability Strength.

And another thing about his passive, if it doesn't work in arbitration, neither should Wukong's.

I don't think Inaros needs a rework, I do think he could use a massive buff on his ability strength though. There won't always be other Tenno around to help revive him by dealing damage to enemies around his sarcophagus, so this damage scaling with enemy level while in bleed out would be enough to make more people want to use Inaros as a warframe rather than an affinity item.

I implore my fellow Tenno to make more noise about ways to improve Inaros in a way that doesn't break him so that he may be higher on the priority list of changes to make.

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I very much agree with this, and I think this is a simple, easily implementable solution that would significantly improve Inaros's functionality. I do think there can be a case made for an Inaros rework, but that's a larger-scale project that would require a lot of time and effort to do right. Meanwhile, copy-pasting Vauban's per-enemy scaling onto Inaros's bleedout damage is a comparatively much easier change that would neatly address an obvious, long-standing problem, and I think hopefully that's something everyone could agree upon.

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