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Why doesn't Astral Autopsy scan the Lanx?

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I get this is old news, but it's ridiculous that an expensive, rare, 10 drain D polarity mod that you have to forma specifically for just so you don't have to tediously scan tiny fast moving enemies by keeping the dot perfectly on them...  Doesn't scan one of the main reasons I got this mod.  It does not scan the Lanx shark like thing in the sealab tile set.  

Scanning enemies is already a tedious process because the center dot has to be perfectly on their hit box for an extended period in order to actually scan.  This is a huge pain on enemies that move erratically like the Lanx.  It should really scan whatever is filling the inner diamond, but that's a completely different thread. 

Why doesn't Astral Autopsy scan these stupid sharks?

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Because the Lanx is an object, not an enemy, in the game code, and Astral Autopsy only works when something is killed. Same reason why it would not be able to scan the cleaning drones if you could ever find yourself in a situation to do that.

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