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Riven Mission Wall Dashing/Latching

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Basic Riven Mission : Get 12 kills in a roll while Wall Dashing or Wall Latching without touching the floor or raising any alarms .

The problem : Not registering the Wall Dashing and Wall Latching . It does not matter which wall I pick 1 out of 10 or 20 walls will register as you doing the Dashing or Latching . And if you touch the ground and try again the same wall will not register it .

Also for some reason I can't make it proc on mobile D missions in solo mode .

In exterminate it does proc more but you will not have enough enemies in ,a room and trying to get true ,a small door not touching the ground is impossible .

Why does this not have the same reset as the kill/slide riven quests .Does this have an internal CD or something .

Since this has ,a mind of it's own you are legit stuck on praying to god to get it proc when there are enemies around you . Please fix the proc rate or make it acknowledge when you are on ,a wall or not . 

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Not too sure what you are meaning with it not proc. anyway. As it says you must kill 12 guys while you are dashing or latching into a wall, if you touch ground it reset to zero. Now the trickier part is the "without triggering alarm" This is likely the part thats makes you auto fails the riven; many mission types have an instanty triggred alarm like survival and defense, but also mobile defense when you are defending the data thingy. which mean you will not able to attempt unlocking this riven in those mission type.


I suggest you try unlocking it on Lua - Plato, this tileset have no alarm panel so the enemy can't trigger it but you will still have to keep latching and jumping from walls to walls. Loki is nice for thi as his passive increase wall latch time. an AoE weapon helps too so you do not really have to aim.


Another way to cheat it (unless this been patched) is to go into a grinner extermination, leave everyone alive and wihout trigging alarm (again loki is nice for this) find evac this will cause most grineers to rush the the evac. So when enough have gathered, wall latch and kill.



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I'm having the same issue with the same Riven conditions(Kill X while wall latched, not touching the ground, not raiding alarms). Despite multiple tries, none of the kills I've gotten while latching are registering for this riven. I'm not even seeing the Riven challenge fail, it just doesn't work.

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