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What was actually good in Warframe in 2020?

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On 2021-01-19 at 12:42 AM, (PSN)SolarPhantom82 said:

Well I say where there's smoke there's fire.  Even Tac potato just slammed the game. . And he's the most positive content creation out their.  The Games in trouble,  that's a fact , not an opinion.   But it's tencents problem now. ...

I mean, if you think game is in trouble because of tencent then you are free to leave anytime right?

Those who still enjoy the game will stay. Those who don't will move on to keep the Neverending cycle of finding a game that meets your standards, alive. 

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7 hours ago, Yakhul said:

I mean, if you think game is in trouble because of tencent then you are free to leave anytime right?

Those who still enjoy the game will stay. Those who don't will move on to keep the Neverending cycle of finding a game that meets your standards, alive. 

Never said the game was in trouble because of tencent,  DE are doing a great job by themselves killing the game,  as for game standards,  I would like.... to reply to tha..   by  sayin ........  host Migration ............

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2020 was a strong year. I liked everything about the updates. Xaku was a little underwhelming but Protea is quite a useful warframe. 

On xbox so I havent gotten my hands on Larvos yet but I've really enjoyed everyrunf they came up with and as I'm embarking on Steel Path it's really bringing me back to when I was a newer player, and I'm really enjoying that aspect of it.

Really hoping Corpus Railjack turns out to be better than what we recieved on its initial release. It does play alot better and I have fun with it but I get why others dont like it. I hope that they are able to have it functional and build upon it as its release did leave a bad taste in players mouthed but I hope that they can get Veteran players back. 


2020 was a step in the right direction.

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Lemme think


Lavos, i genuinely enjoy the less spammy and energy free style of him. However lne guy like this is enough, don't overdo it DE.

Another roomba in the game, can't have too many.

The new floofs from Deimos are cool

Aside from that not much

I don't like the necramechs(i feel like they take away in coolness from warframes)

The helminth system isn't even half of what i thought it would be

And nothing else was really big enough for me to care


Edit: AND XAKU! i almost forgot

Xaku is amazing.

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On 2021-01-19 at 11:00 AM, Joezone619 said:

as crazy as it sounds, i think deimos needs to be redone, at least, partially, not entirely, the cambion drift needs to be cleaned up in the "everything isn't everywhere" kinda way, i'd think kinda like an infested redwood forest type thing, where structures are tall, not wide end everywhere, messing with enemies spawn locations

The entrati and Lore, don't really make much sense in contrast to the game. The orokin, a race that called us tenno, demons and wanted us gone, used us as a last resort against the sentients, and for them sentencing margulas to "the jade light" (death), we massacered them for it after we were done fighting the sentients, and the orokin were rewarding us with a ceremony.


Yet somehow, this one orokin family on deimos is seen as just fine, ok to be around. wouldn't the tenno have gone after them too? im sure not EVERY orokin would've been present at the ceremony, and so we must have in some way gone and hunted them down.

Father during the quest says "Look, you were the second wave, kid. The Necramechs were Void-shielded, Sentient-pulse immune... as bright as a bag of hammers and just as dependable. Not like you". That very sentance, contridicts itself, if we're "the second wave" why are we not "sentient pulse immune?" why would somethat that was used before us, superior to these waves, why was this "void shielding" not given to us, furthermore why would shielding something from void, something sentients cannot use, harness, or adapt too, not be affected by the sentient pulse. it came first, if it was immune to these sentient pulses, why would there need to be a second wave.

This is only one issue, another is the supposed "closing of the void", which A) should not be possible, fissures exist and imply the void cannot just be closed off or cut off, and B) shouldn't be possible, becuase the void is supposed to be everywhere, if it weren't, our frames wouldn't work ,anywhere except the void.

The "heart of deimos" is supposedly what creates the void, or filters it, or what not, but from what i can tell, it was made AFTER we got void powers... so it breaking, shouldn't affect us at all, and our frames are powered by us directly.


Those are just a couple of lore contradictions, that seem to obey different rules from what the lore already set up, has. If this is a retcon, doesn't work when you don't take out or change the old lore to match it. 

I have a different understanding of the lore then.

The tenno massacred everyone in that hall during the celebration but we didn't kill every orokin. It's perfectly reasonable to think there were/are factions in the orokin that think and act differently. Also, the massacre happened on Lua, not the rest of the star chart. 

Father had to design the mechanical (semi sentient) mechs with override resistance. Can't have smarter machines taking over dumb but extremely powerful ones, so insert pulse resistance. This newly learned sentient pulse is specifically designed to counter its current biggest threat though: warframes. Just like everything else, it takes time to develop and only now is it usable for this war and not the old one. As for the warframes not having resistance, why would Ballas care about adding something not needed, not viewed as threatening or not considered a biologically effective attack at the time? Nothing to research for...nothing to develop against.

The "closing of the void" was pertaining to that location on Deimos. Remember, the void even creates its own storms so it is, in fact, everywhere. The "heart" is the void-harnessing source for our abilities. Think of it as a conversion or refining device.  We are, after all, using borrowed tech that we didn't design but merely pilot.


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There are good stuff that came out of 2020 despite the horrid virus

  • Deimos. Not only because of its beautiful ugly looks, but it finally drag DE to tweak much needed UI improvements in mining, conservation and hunting modes
  • Best WF: Necramech. We got several WF out , but none have more impact lore and gameplay wise than our primordial war horses. The painstaking revisions got them into a place where you can actually have fun playing them and earning them a spot in all missions in the near future
  • Secondary Sporelacer. Just devastating in a small package that I fear for it being nerfed
  • Pillage, to specific, best Helminth ability overall to subsume
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On 2021-01-16 at 4:46 PM, IIAc3sII said:

Nothing, every change DE does leaves behind bugs or annoying mechanics they never fix and its adding up to the point where I wish they would just not change stuff anymore.

And no, Steel path to redo the entire star map or Helminth to grind all those warframes again, or the OV event that is as basic and boring as it gets, I don't call any of that "good", its not new, its just the same stuff as before except with a slightly different paint color over the surface.

How about DE actually let us use the railjack to do stuff with and make it useful, now that would be a start. But instead of this we got the next content island...necramechs! Can't wait to see how fast those will become useless and meaningless and by then DE will add the next content island, yay.

Exactly, almost anything they roll out is either deeply flawed and they spackle it to merely flawed or merely flawed. Helminth is really nice because it expanded on the one thing they ARE good at Frames. Archwing? Meh...it could have been like Frames but in space. No, they trot it out and leave it behind. Sharkwing is even worse. Railjack? Psuedo-attempt at spackling onto Archwing. Where is Command Intrinsic? Never to come because they've already moved onto the next shiny thing? Liches? Didn't even sound good on paper. Especially when you couldn't even share Murmurs. That paper wasn't even worthy of wiping with in May 2020 when the other option was pine needles. Now we a flawed Archwing and a flawed Railjack they trot out then force feed Necramechs. What's next? Tanks? Tanks that will get stuck on the odd spike in terrain or snarky rock. But a few months later and still poop we will have Operation Orifice hope you ranked up your Tank.

DE. Please. For the love of god. Finish something.

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The quests were lots of fun, I really enjoyes Deadlock Protocol and the Heart of Deimos quests. 

Furthering Heart of Deimos, the open world has its boring parts and difficulties but overall I love it. I also love another real planet being added to the game. It makes the solar system feel more complete, even if it reused an old tileset. Helminth was a great addition and solution to the modular warframe idea that people have been asking for. 

The 2020 warframes were a mixed bag but I love Protea and Lavos seems promising. 

Railjack revised was great and I can't wait to do more with railjack! I'm not a big fan of necramechs and orphix venom but I absolutely loved Scarlet Spear. 

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