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We Don't Have Eyes?


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Wikia mention Corpus might not know there's human inside the Warframe.


Seems doubtful, given the lore in the Corpus entry: "...greedy for the old war salvage. Their most sought after of all - the Tenno and their Warframe armor. Those captured are treated as salvage; meticulously dissected, integrated. The remains are sold to the highest bidder"


They've obviously looked inside the frames. Likewise, the victory lore after the Arid Fear event told us the Grineer cracked open frames to poke and prod the Tenno in them too.

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I've always assumed those neural sensors in the helmet blueprints are wired into the brain somehow to transmit visual data directly to the user instead of relying on eyesight.


Would justify the sensors and make sense given how they've gone on about eyeless tenno multiple times in the past.

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