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Nav coordinates use

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I have this idea about Nav coordinates:

-) Each mission you enter inside will request 1, 2, 3 or more coordinates to get inside; that's beacause they are coordinate, and they are made for be used as "map or part of map" to reach interesting place in the solar system (in this case the various node and mission)

-) There will be some map accessible wihout the "nav coordinates", so at low level you have a place to find them or if you finish them you can search for more

-) In tutorial a decent ammount is granted to the player, so he could easy continue the game, but with this new mini-management of a resource

-) Some nodes will request just one time a huge ammount of coordinates to enter and then they will be "unlocked" for free: relay, cetus/fortuna/necralisk, maroo, and other thing like this.

-) Regular mission will require 1 or 2 coordinates, depending on difficulty; SP maybe from 2 to 3, special mission, like relic, kuva, nightmare, etc... from 2 to 5, sortie maybe 5 etc... etc.. etc...

LORE: Nav cordinates are something like "part of a map" so, when you find some is like "hei! in this position ther's something interesting", sometimes, if thing are "really interesting" they are well hidden, and that's why you need more "parts of map" to arrive there.

NOTE: I know some people will read this idea and say "Just, tell me why?", well is just cause Nav coordinates is now a totally useless resources, but you still continue to find it somewhere, everywhere, so with this idea you don't give really a purpose to Nav Coordinate, cause in a small amount of time people will have houndred of it, but at least make sense that Nav Coordinates are present in the game.


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nah you can use it in helminth now so it's not totally useless, its better than just completely tossing out of the game. if they cared about making old resources valuable again we wouldn't have gotten sh-t token system for granum we could have used the existing nav cord. but they want us to constantly grind new resources thats how they increase their player ingame time. otherwise no body would spend more than 2 hours to get what they wanted with existing pile of resource most of us 3-4+ year players have

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