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Voting in this forum

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Is the voting broken in this PhP forum?

Currently there seems to be a vote option for both questions and solutions, yet only questions seem to have actual clickable vote buttons and I have yet to see any answer with a vote. Is this intentional with only staff being allowed to upvote answers or is this bugged?

I get upvoting questions to promote the fact that more people are interested in getting an answer, but wouldn't upvoting answers be more useful, allowing members of the community to assist the person asking the question in determining the more accurate answer?

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Iirc, it was disabled since replies were automatically sorted by best, which led to situations such as troll responses taking the spotlight some times since these would get more upvotes than useful ones, which goes on top of making useful discussions much harder to follow than they should for people who wasn't aware of it and didn't know (or couldn't find) how to change it.

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9 hours ago, Letter13 said:

Only the thread starter can upvote/mark posts as 'best answer' in the Players Helping Players subforum. 

Given this, I should be able to upvote these replies, yet the upvote button for answers is still unclickable with only the "Best Answer" button functioning.

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