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Event Spawn Issues


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Just played a eventmission were I got to extraction with my enemycounter still at 95, I went back found some, was sent to extraction again by my minimap and the rest of the enemys started spawning after i went back the second time. Also often you come into rooms were 30+ enemys are waiting. I don´t know if this is intended but i think they shouldn´t by that clustered. DE pls look into the spawnrate before releasing the gamemode, i would prefer to cross the map only once.

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Once I had 90 enemies who spawned in a single room. One Rhino Stomp, Mission Complete.

Works for me, but there are alot of warframes without that good aoes and it´s a little unfair for them.


Oh and btw, this^^ gets a lot funnier if you are fighting for corpus and have, lets say 20+ grineer-heavies among this. This reminds me of another issue: grineer are much tougher than corpus due the lack of real heavyunits on the corpusside.

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