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How to heal Voidrig?



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Necramech repair, a mod that can be got as a drop or from OV store (father) in orphix venom event. 


On PC the event has just finished right now, but you (consoles) will receive it in a couple of days/weeks.


The other mod, that is really usefull on the event, is Combat Discipline (Aura) from arbitration. It can be bought from other players.


If you want to know different ways to get energy on mechas (you will need to know for the event):

Hildryn's 4th,

Protea's 3rd (but this energy balls are global for the squad and not individual)

Necramech Rage (also from the event)


Don't forget that Voidrig's 2nd ability makes you invulnerable to enemy attacks for a short period of time.

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8 minutes ago, Tsoe said:

orbs , or mods

a new mod auto heal mech once under 30%


maybe some focus school as well not sure about it

DE already nerfed that it doesn't work anymore. 

You are stuck with health orbs and that mech heal mod you mentioned. 

But honestly if you keep Storm Shroud up constantly, stuff the mech with D mods and have that one heal mod you shouldn't really have survivability problems. 

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37 minutes ago, (PSN)Onder6099 said:

Vizier Predasite, healing mod isn’t on Consoles yet.

That mod comes with Vizier predasites though.... which themselves have been on consoles for months.

For what it's worth I used a combo of a Vizier and Nekros (whose desecrate remains active while Transferred out) when leveling my mechs a few weeks ago.

Orbs definitely helped my mech and the Vizer's power at least seemed to counter any health loss imposed on Nekros by Despoil.

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31 minutes ago, Klaeljanu said:

Bonewidow also has a healing ability if you hook a mob (Aka save the team and hook a Battalyst.)

While it's true Bonewidow can heal herself with Meathook, Voidrig does not have any form of base conventional healing without the four methods as mentioned above.

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18 hours ago, Duality52 said:

Voidrig can be healed using:

Unfortunately this doesn't work well. The dog is too often far away when he spreads his heal.
In a 36 endurance run he might heal 2 or 3 times... not reliable, but I took him with me as there is no other choice.
Expect Voidrig to be at 30% health max most of the time.


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i'm not answering OP

just want to tell him that the arguably better way to play voidrig is to not get hurt at all. keep your storm shroud ability up at all times if possible.

should voidrig's health accidentally get low enough, let necramech repair mod do its job and just go back to storm shroud again. you'll be ok.

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