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I've been away from warframe for several months.  Just curious about a few things.  Has there been any improvement to the abysmal drop rates on some items?  Any weapons that are really great or really terrible right now? Are certain frames still crazy OP and others crazy UP?  (I imagine that there will always be some that are unbalanced but hopefully they aren't still as poorly balanced as they were when I took a break.)  I won't download again until after I hear the feedback on the new damage changes. 


I have some less important (optional) questions too.  How is Rhino now?  Is his armor boost still and instant suicide button?  Does mag still kill everything in the room (and 5 other rooms) before anybody else can even do anything?  Is Ash still a subpar trash/medium mob killer?  Is he still a great boss killer?  (I heard they were updating his ultimate at some point.)  Other than Trinity what are the best group warframe abilities right now?  Did Vaubaun ever get "balanced?"


Thanks in advance for any answers. 

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I've been away from warframe for several months.  Just curious about a few things.


If this is a few things, I wouldn't want to see the extended version.


Jokes aside, certain mods drop now only from certain enemies, meaning you can do a certain mission hoping to get the mod. The drops in game files got encrypted so we'll have to wait for DE to make the codex mentioned in the Dev livestream.


Armour 2.0 is coming so weapon balance will change. Acrid is still op and the most powerful weapon in the game, there aren't that many "underpowered" weapons as it all matters from the mods you put in. For weapons, I suggest this thread: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/89592-unofficial-weapon-benchmark/


Rhino is the best all-around frame at the moment, he's got group damage buff, massive ultimate aoe, iron skin still works and rhino charge gets you to places ridiculously fast. Mag's pull is ridiculously strong, her ultimate is garbage as of now. All of the Warframes are viable, it's just more of a matter of taste.

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armor/dmg 2.0 still otw

master race frames still badass

CM's drop like candy now and ive got more alloy plate than nano spores cuz of the event

ignis great, soma op, etc, etc, armor/dmg 2.0 should change everything soon tho

iron skin awesome, mag pull mega op, ash still solo but better, vauban bastille nerfed still great

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also they did change up the orokin void so that the drop rates aren't terrible. there are now 5(?) mission types in the void, each with a separate drop table


if you were there for the survival event, survival is now a normal mission type that replaced raid, and survival missions give you rewards (that you collect at the end of the mission) every 5 minutes, even in the void survival missions


rhino's iron skin, to my knowledge, is incredible at this point. some frames are still unloved and underpowered (sorry volt), but vauban's bastille got a slight nerf. the way it functions is unchanged, though. snow globe is a necessity for higher level missions


mag prime was released, and the new frames nova and nekros were too. the next prime will be ember prime, and there's a new female berzerker frame coming in the next update. nova is a frail nuker, while nekros can serve a variety of purposes with his unique abilities. he can't really serve the purpose of tank, though (sorry nekros)


in terms of weapons, as others have said, the soma is great (its a crit machine), and they added the galatine sword, which has a massive charge attack damage and can actually kill higher level mobs, making melee slightly useful. they added two new sentries, the carrier and embolist. the carrier sucks up item drops and brings them to you, it also has a shotgun as a weapon. the embolist is an infested sentinel, which has to be researched in a clan dojo. the bio lab in the clan dojo also got several other weapons, including the embolist and synapse, a mini ignis and an electric flux rifle, respectively. the ignis got a buff, though, and currently there is also a bug/feature where downed enemies take massive damage from the ignis/embolist. 


if you're debating getting back into warframe, I would say go for it now, because there's an event on that will be giving out some cool looking weapons. read up about the gradivus dilemma. you have until wednesday, I believe

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Mag was recently buffed; so yes, she can kill everything before anyone can do anything. Crush is pretty much worthless in its current form because it's mitigated by armor. Pull however now does 300 base damage when maxed and has an AoE without a target limit.


There are other frames that can insta-kill entire spawns, the others aside from Mag being Nova and Rhino. Stomp has a base range of 20 meters when maxed, and the 800 base damage can be boosted with Roar. Nova's Molecular Prime has a 25 meter base range, and it gives a debuff to enemies that causes them to take 200% damage and cause 800 damage in an AoE when they die (enemies who are Primed will take double damage).


Vauban's Bastille now has a target limit, but that's largely irrelevant because Vortex no longer affects players. Since Vortex nullifies armor, this ability is much more commonly used.


Ignis now works like you'd expect a flamethrower to work. It shoots a conal AoE. Synergizes perfectly with Vauban and Mag, since ragdoll nullifies enemy armor (Pull now ragdolls enemies).


Ogris and Acrid are still widely considered the "best" weapons, for good reason. I'm starting to see Ignis used more often at high levels; Radial Disarm + Vortex + Desecrate (Nekros ability that has a 90% chance to reroll dead enemies' loot tables) = efficient farming. The new machine gun, Soma, outclasses all other bullet-type weapons.


Nekros, the new Warframe, has the best ability in the game, by far. As I said earlier, Desecrate has a 90% chance to reroll  the drop table of all corpses in range. If you are farming components, mods, or fusion cores, this ability is a necessity. As a bonus, the ability also spawns health orbs.


Snowglobe is still king of defense maps. Frost is still overpowered as hell because of it, but is still lackluster otherwise. Coordinated teams of experienced, well-geared players don't really need him, but you'll almost never find a public Corpus/Grineer defense or mobile defense group without at least one.


Rhino's Roar is quite useful; a 50% damage buff is always welcome. Iron Skin is still basically worthless at high levels; it's quite popular among newbies, but experienced players understand that even a couple thousand extra shields is meaningless in the face of exponential stat scaling. If you're not fighting super high-level enemies, though, it's a solid skill. It shields you from being knocked down, so Rhino is quite a popular frame for medium/low level stuff and rushing.


Ash is... well, he really doesn't have anything going for him currently except the cool Bladestorm animations. In terms of functionality, anything Ashe can do, at least 1 other frame can do better. I wouldn't say Ash is a bad boss-killer, but if you're looking to kill bosses as quickly and efficiently as possible, you want Banshee, Volt, or Loki (also Nova, kinda, if you want to sacrifice damage boost for the ability to move more quickly via teleport).


Volt is still underpowered and definitely not an "alternative to gunplay" as the description text says. However, he is still useful because of the way his Electric Shield ability interacts with the Flux Rifle and Synapse. There's tons of YouTube videos of players killing bosses in 2 or 3 seconds with Electric Shield. Also, Speed was recently changed so that there is no FOV change for the Volt's squadmates (the Volt player's FOV is still changed).

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