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I gathered from other threads that it syncs with your in game glyph. Thing is, that hasn't happened for mine. I have the top 1k tennocon 2020 glyph, and I'd really like to see it show up because I prefer it to the old one I had equipped I can see on here. Any ideas why?


E: just realised I stuck this in general, not PHP. oops.

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1 hour ago, PublikDomain said:

It seems to take a while, it was weeks before mine changed. 🤷‍♀️

It only took that long cause new glyphs take some time to arrive on the forum. The 2019 Tennocon glyph took a few weeks as well

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10 hours ago, Berzerkules said:

I think you have to log out of the forums then log back in for your glyph to change. 



That's your answer.

Make sure to relog on everything from pc, through phone, to smartfridge or w/e else you're logged on.

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