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Retired Weapons


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As a clan we came up with an idea... said idea goes something like this:


Many weapons have retired or are exclusive - lets just call them legacy weapons - and i am sure many more will become so along the way. Many people will never get the chance to see or use these weapons. So why not make a room in the clans dojo where it does something like has targets with visible armour stats etc. next to them or mimic a mission where you can use these legacy weapons and test them out with any mods, these mimic missions would grant you no rewards of any sort and the retired and exclusive weapons get to stay that way while still leaving an avenue open for this content to be accessed by all players in some way.


We have thought of how this could benefit all players, for the new they get to experience the weapon for the old the same thing if they couldn't collect the weapon and there are less people who will treat them weirdly for having said weapons for those who already have it they get treated less weird and they could use this room to experiment with their weapon builds more without hurting their stats or pride or what ever else might get hurt.


Im sure there are other benefits to this im just too tired to think of them right now.

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