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I’ve been getting network not responding quit frequently, most often when loading the game causing me to restart it, or in the middle of a mission where I then have to restart my game and lose all my rewards, I’ve also done all the support tab has said that I could do 

Any help would be amazing 

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I've also been having this issue. The game freezes up while saying "Network not Responding" every 2-5 minutes, when trying to enter any relay, and at the end of completing any mission. It's manageable, but annoying to deal with, so I've just stopped playing the game until a fix is found out.

The game was working very well for a month straight and only just started happening when Lavos came out. So It probably has to do with an influx of too many players for the servers to handle. 

I've looked into every fix from forums and advice from moderators. I've done the following: 

1. Reinstalled the game.

2. Hard restarted my router AND Xbox.

3. Made sure it was hard connected by cord.

4. Waited 3-5 days for it to just start working...

The thing I hate the most about the developers of Warframe is that they usually go with the "It's probably your internets fault" excuse. It is not a problem with my internet, it is the servers/games fault. I paid actual money on this game because I enjoy it, just get your stuff together and do something about this. We love the game, so let us play...

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