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A "sort by favorite" would be amazing ... UI work can be minimal, and return on investment is happy player with minimal effort :D

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Basically it would work like this

- Every "weapon Box" has a star on the bottom right ... this can be toggled to mark that gun as a favorite

- "sort by" would have a new voice added: "Favorites"

- this sorting would be on Alphabetical order ( thus, players can quickly remember where on the list something is ) and wold exclude all weapons that are not favorited ( of course


I say this cuz i asked a while back for a "hidden Tag System" where weapons are assigned specific tags to make them more easily searcheable ( if you forget the name, you could search by cathegory, faction origin, prime or not, ecc ... )  ... but that is something the current scripts ( i assume ) don't allow for ... currently only the name, the weapon cathegory and the description seem to be accessible and affect the search system



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This is a good idea, I think I never use 70% of my arsenal and typing in the search bar on console is a pain, maybe an option to hide all those unowned weapons with plat price tags would be nice too. It's weird that we can register favorite color palette, but not weapons when we have hundreds of them.

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